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Herman Monster Published by Order Ambien Cr Online REPD on 14 August 2000

Ambien Buyers In Usa Bloody hell, what a day – when you wake up to read that Double H is on his way to Ipshit Down for about £4m, it doesn’t get you off to a good start. When you hear the terms “asset stripping”, “selling to survive” and “no ambition” complemented by “why?” etc, it makes it even worse. However, I think I’ve figured what’s going on, through various info sources :

Buy Zolpidem Canada It seems apparent that Double H has been “tapped” by Ipshit. Reportedly, he met with them on Sunday to discuss personal terms before flying off to join the Icelandic team. Ipshit claimed they’d signed him, but WFC have publically stated that it’s an offer (and one being considered) and not a signing. Got that so far? OK, so who’s idea is it to sell him? Well, I think it’s more than one person : Double H will obviously jump at the chance of playing in the Prem again, even if only for one season. And now we find out that TB is not entirely unhappy about letting him go – this afternoon, he made comments to the effect that ALL the money he gets for Double H will be channelled solely into transfers including “a direct replacement” for Double H : one involving somebody of Prem quality, apparently. Meanwhile, in the short term, expect either Trond or Chris Wilmott to fill Double H’s shoes.

Zolpidem Online Paypal The next question is, why? I have a few theories. One, TB is wanting to totally rid of Drillo’s men. Petty, and actually wrong IMO but there you go (while he’s at it, can he get rid of the shit OGEM collected?), start afresh if you will. Secondly, he wants to strengthen the squad but probably needs to sell to do it. Now, you could say “well why doesn’t BRG put any money in?”. The answer to that is, it doesn’t quite work like that. As anyone who’s run a business will testify, the less of your own money you put in the better – regardless how much you’ve got or how big or small your business is. The reasoning behind this of course is that if you bankroll it yourself, you’re throwing money away, your money away. For something that is not guaranteed. That’s something too many football fans tend not to realise IMO….. besides, he does put in the money where needed. I for one would like to see good backup in CB, RB, LB and striker role, we shall need to wait and see for that. Thirdly, and a continuation of that point, TB wants the money but can’t get it from Euell. Face it, Euell is practically unsellable at the moment, and who else do you reckon could get that money as of this exact moment in time? Fourthly, it’s quite possible that TB doesn’t rate him. Despite his hero status at WFC, he’s still not really the best defender we’ve ever had – he’s not universally regarded in the same way as Scales, Eric Young and KC are/were – and £4-5m is a very good price for him. And finally, perhaps he simply wants to leave……..?

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Order Ambien Cr So, what of the fallout? Well, it’s thought that it will give the wrong signal out to other clubs that everyone is up for grabs at WFC. A train of thought that surprises me because as Euell has shown, half our players are simply unsellable. Besides, every player has his price – if Overmars and Petit can leave Arsenil, if Leeds can try and swoop for Rio Ferdinand, why should we assume that we’re immune from all this? We are a first div club these days, don’t forget. And anyway, why get the hump about a clearout (or “exodus”)? Remember, the tossers who have gone are the ones who relegated us last year.

Double H and Maggie were 50% of the second worst Premiership defense last year, you can defend them all you want but that concrete fact is unmovable. I want to see us win games and keep clean sheets, and if it means selling people like Double H, so be it. If, as has been hinted, Double H wants to go, let him. Get as much money as we can. I’d rather hear comments from the likes of Ian Selley and KC than “XYZ are a big club and it would be my dream to play for them”. Remember – TB has said that he’ll get shot of anyone who doesn’t want to play for WFC. And will we miss him? Yeah, maybe, but then I’m more attached to the team than any one player…

Anyway, I need a bed. Night night.

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