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Keep your Pecker up

Yeuch, I hate non-news weeks. But here goes – we’ve got Par Karlsson for the ludcriously low fee of £40k. Which is low in itself, but considering that the guy is under 24, a regular for IFK Gothenburg and has played in the Champions League is quite amazing. Even more amazing is that IFK wanted £1m for him. Jesuz, they really must hate us – first, we beat them 7-3 in 1985, and now we steal their best players for a pittance.

It hasn’t gone down well in Sweden, this transfer, I found one website which reported on it – getting my Anglo-Swedish dictionary out, I got to find out what the Swedish words are for “Par Karlsson’s mother has a bloody pussy”, “Wimbledon blow little kids for thrills” and “Whoever sanctioned this is a personal friend of Sam Hammam”. So they’re not particuarly happy. Mind you, I put it down to the fact that we have Norwegian owners, and from what I’ve gathered, the Swedes and the Norwegians don’t like each other that much.

PK is a left sided midfielder, may be a replacement for Marcus Gayle. Looks like what I heard at Burnley about the Religious Zealot may not be so far fetched after all

Speaking of transfers, Richard Dunne. Oh, you’ve stopped paying attention. Ah well, I won’t bother telling you that he’s said that he will drop down a division. Shame he played so well for Eire that a Prem club will come in for him.

TB was on Radio 5 today, didn’t get to hear it (well, I was at the Fosters Oval…), but he apparently insinuated the following : there wasn’t much leadership last year, he felt that he got more than enough for Double H, we have money to spend but aren’t going to waste it, many injuries etc etc. Nothing earth shattering, though he is remaining consistent.

Drillo’s book should be out soon, he apparently reckoned that people like JH went to the pub during training. Even more interesting is that he blamed himself for not being harsh enough with them. Like that would have made any difference….