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Playing with the stiffs

First things first, there is a WISA Ordinary General Meeting at 7.30pm at the St Georges Community Centre next door to Elys, SW19 – it’s basically to ratify the WISA constitution. Hence the PM update today – there may be an update tonight, there may not. So don’t hold your breath 🙂


Last night, we played Spurz reserves at GGL. Drew 0-0, we had most of the play, but in goal for them was Ian Walker. And guess what, he’s still the biggest cunt in football. He was clearly riled by the boo-boys behind the goal, faking yawns, calling to us “you’re brave”, giving a wanker sign at the end and – just to prove what an absolute pathetic human being he is – tried to insult us by saying “you can go to your homes now”. Lame or what?

Yeah, you’re not hard, you’re just a long haired wanker who’s got an ego that far outweighs your talent. Bet you thought you should be in the San Siro rather than GGL? No, you’re there because George Graham is giving you the abject humiliation that you richly deserve. And your dad’s crap. And your mum’s d…. oh yeah, the match. We played well, still can’t score, but then that’s nothing new

I’ve spammed everywhere else about this, and I ought to do it here as well – BRG was interviewed in this month’s 442, and you can find a transcript HERE. If you haven’t read it, do so, because I’m going to give my opinions about it below…

Right, I assume you’ve read it, so here’s my 2¢ worth : I firmly believe that we are now closer to getting our own stadia than at any time since 1991. You may have heard SH say words to the effect of “we need our own stadium”, but BRG is much more specific about how much it will cost, how he (and KIR) will fund it, what size it will be etc etc. His language was far more in-depth than SH’s lip-service ever was (when did you ever hear him talk about how it would be funded?), so it sounds legit.

Obviously, we still have to find a site, get planning permission and build it, all easier said than done, and that may take longer than 3 years, but for now, things are looking good. I honestly believe that any new site should not be used purely as a soccer stadium – even if it cost £30m that will mean that it would take WFC a long, long time to pay it off. If we’re going to spend £60m on it, then I expect a roof on it a la Toronto Skydome. That will make it so much more profitable. Maybe we’ll have to share it with somebody like the Broncos, or even somebody like Fulham? So what, if it means we have our own stadium with our own identity, I’ll go for it. Hasn’t done the Milan clubs any harm, and it may save us financially imploding a la Bolton or Reading with their new grounds. Interesting that BRG’s opinion on transfers seems to tie in with TB’s….

Speaking of which – Paul Kitson? Well, that’s the story doing the rounds today. Brum were going to go in for him, but TB is supposedly making an 11th hour swoop. For £1m. Reckon he’ll come? Well, he’ll link up with JH, just as he did when they were at West Ham (with reasonable success). Wait and see. Other transfer news – I guess we’ve given up on Richard Dunne, as we’ve tried and failed to get Robert Molenaar for £1m from Leeds. He’s a centreback, and Leeds accepted the £1m but he turned us down as he didn’t want to drop a division. His loss.

Finally, more on the EU’s transfer scrapping. They’re claiming that they don’t want to scrap transfer fees, but they came out with this : “The Commission wishes to see a transfer system that respects both the principles of Community law and specificity of sport. The transfer system does neither. It restricts competition between clubs.” Er, yeah. So why are FIFA and UEFA having to have major meetings to keep some resemblance of the transfer system? Don’t believe that the current system will remain in place, too much has happened to pull back now.

Oh yeah, and Ian Walker’s wife is a slut.