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Wise owls


As any supporter worth their salt will tell you, there comes a match (often after a shitty run) when suddenly everything goes right. And Woeful Wednesday 0 Wonderful Wombles 5 was one of them.

Yesterday was great for a number of reasons – obviously, winning 5-0 away from Selhurst Park for the first time since Doomsday was one, but the manner of the performance as well. Frighteningly, we really can play better.

People like Kelvin, JH and even the much maligned Euell played like demons, but there was no real loser yesterday. Except Wednesday of course – needless to say, those who were there last year will have felt exorcised : not only did we return the humiliation to Wednesday, but we also gave it back to Paul Jewell (I will forever despise Bradford) in spades. Ha.

Anyway, here’s the craic :

Plus points [abridged to save bandwidth]: First win since Leicester at SP last season. Scoring five goals. Conceding none – it was extremely gratifying to keep a clean sheet which may be just as important as scoring loads. Jumping up about 15 zillion places in the table. Being able to sing “Jingle Bells” for the first time in a long while. Outstanding performances by just about everyone, but special mention to Kelvin, Euell and JH (if he’s supposed to be unfit….). The fact that we just kept on attacking, even after the fifth – just how many times over the years have we sat back after scoring one, two or even three goals? Trond looks much more comfy in midfield. Nobody got injured, despite that Wednesday Italian guy trying his best to decapitate Ardley and the mass attempted leg-breaks on Lionel Morgan in the 90th minute. Seeing half the Wednesday crowd walk out after our third goal. Seeing 75% of the remaining Wednesday crowd walk out after the fourth goal. The subtle inter-polarisation of our cheers and the Wednesday boos on the final whistle. In other words, the whole damn day.

Minus points:
You mean there were some? Well, just a couple of minor irritations : that spell that Wednesday had for the last 10 minutes of the first half – I genuinely thought that we could have gone a goal or so down, but I knew we could have come back. The two twats in the first half behind me slagging Euell off for everything – yeah, I know the guy has done some tossery type things in the past, and he may still want to leave, but when the guy is playing well it’s best not to act like tossers yourselves. The final whistle, I just did not want that second half to end.

Where to improve: You know what, at this time I just can’t think of anything.


Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Did we really win 5-0? (2) The comment made to me during the second half that “had we played Grimsby last week we would have lost badly”. Strange because it would have been absolutely correct. (3) A certain well known WFC internet guru and professional gambler losing a grand total of 27 rounds of poker on the trot. Even more strange because I was beating him despite never having played poker in my life. (4) Panicking afterwards after remembering Charlie Reep’s theory about teams who score 5 goals in one match. I remember Drillo saying that it very rarely doesn’t happen, but it does occasionally doesn’t work out. Here’s hoping that Oodersfield is one of those rare times (although a 1-0 win on Tuesday will suit me just fine…)

Cliché-o-rama: Paul Jewell saying “I thought we [Wednesday] had turned the corner but I guess leopards don’t change their spots“. Guess he also mentioned that they bossed the game early doors but at the end of the day it really was a game of two halves. Never mind, I suppose that ITV have offered him a commentating job when he gets the boot from Wednesday…

Probably the most surreal moment of all time:
It has become tradition on train travel back to t’smoke of impromtu kareoke. Led by certain nameless people, and fuelled by varying quantities of alcoholic beverages, the whole train can get to hear unique interpretations of such popular favourites such as “Lonely Girl”, “Bat Out Of Hell”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Summer Loving” and other timeless classics. Anyway, sporadically joining in this on his way to/from the cancer stick carriage was one Charles Koppell. As in BRG’s right hand man. Seemed normal at the time, on sober reflection this was an extremely surreal situation. Next time, expect BRG to entertain the masses with a version of “Unchained Melody”. Or KIR (having been on the train negotiating to buy Railtrack – hell, he’s buying everything else) to delight the ensemble with a highly ironic version of “If I Were A Rich Man”…….

In a nutshell:
We’ve found out that the steering wheel works, now we’re finding that when it starts working we’re getting somewhere. Well, it’s better than saying “we’ve turned the corner”