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Rabid wolves


THUMP!!!! Did I hear something crash to earth there? Well, no actually, it was merely Reg Davis’ Employers 1 Reg Davis’ Boyhood Team 1, and after a reasonably good winning run we threw it away. Well, OK, I’m being a little bit unkind here, but I think today we didn’t make much progression.

JH scored his fifth goal in a week which was nice, and we were undoubtedly committed, but whether it was just jadedness or (dare I say) complacency, there certainly wasn’t so much of the urgency about the place as there was for Wednesday or even Huddersfield. Are we slipping back into old nasty habits? Two steps forward, one step sideways? We were by far the better team for most of the game, insofar as we could have gone up a gear. Sadly, we didn’t….

The $0.02 :

Plus points: We didn’t lose. We had most of the play. Defense generally looks like it knows what it’s doing, first time for a long while. Kelvin Davis, or “Sully Who?”. JH scoring. Peter Hawkins looks as great as ever. Michael Thomas now he’s fit looks a class above. The rehabilitation of Jason Euell continues.

Minus points: Extreme indirectness cost us the game – at times we took it like a training session. Gave the ball away in moments of over-elaboration. Letting in the Wolves goal. Defense at times does look a little bit shaky still when teams really press on us (a contradiction to what I said in the Plus Points bit I know). Poor Lionel Morgan looked a little out of his depth.

Where to improve: FOR FUCKS SAKE, SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truth is stranger than fiction: Last time we played Wolves at Palace’s place, there were 11,000 from the Black country. Today, there were about 500. Go figure.

The real important stuff: The new club shop at SP is open. And it looks like it’s going to be a roaraway success, judging by the queues. Stuff in there is reasonably moorish, though I have to confess I don’t actually like our merchandise that much. Put it this way – if it didn’t have WFC on it, I wouldn’t be tempted in the least to buy it. Some nice classy t-shirts would be nice (hell, Puma are one of the world’s biggest sportswear makers and they don’t generally make crap), or how about a WFC video section?

Still, good to see the interest is there and I seriously hope that it survives and even flourishes. I kid you not, I think it’s better than the Palace one just 25 yards away, and is just as nice as some American outlets I’ve been in. Let’s hope that the upcoming one in Wimbledon Broadway is just as successful.

In a nutshell:
Work to be done.