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[SW19: of course, we all know now what this really was…]

Special update, and with mega-good reason. In today’s South London Press (now officially the local paper of SW19’s choice), is an interview with one Charles Koppel. Brace yourself, you may need some Kleenex:

“Tuesday was a miserable night for everyone here.” said Koppell. “It just highlights that we need to get something sorted because the groundshare is not working. We are based in Selhurst which is CP land. People who live here support them and are not going to come to our games.”

So, in just a few short months (well less than that come to think of it), both BRG and now CK have said what we have known since 1991. So, what’s the remedy? Well…..

“At this stage we have already identified a site for a new ground, and hopefully we’ll be able to unveil plans in the new year.”

I apologise for making it bold and making it stand out, but you can fully appreciate why. Is the Holy Grail finally about to happen? Well, OK, this is a start : we have heard it all before, but cruicially it’s not coming from Hammam’s mouth any more. Reason to get out the champagne? Not yet, but it’s the best ground news we’ve heard in over 10 years now. Why am I not jumping about like a loony? Because 10001 things can and do go wrong, but believe me, if it does happen I’ll be masturbating more than I did than when I first discovered Hustler.

So, where is this site? Well, to be honest I’m not so sure we should really know at this stage because as said above, if any time is as likely to go pear shaped, it’s now. I think we can harbour educated guesses – it’ll probably be somewhere between Wimbledon and Gatwick, nowhere near SE London and possibly down the A3. No, I don’t really know, but given that both CK and BRG have made much mention that it’s got to be near as possible to our fan base, I think it will be rather more easy to get to from SW19 than at the moment. Make no mistake, this is a big announcement…..

Meanwhile, another big announcement : Terry Burton has finally sussed out the meeja. Speaking to the official site, he said

“Every time I commented on Richard Dunne something went wrong and the same for Paul Merson. We will hopefully have or two new names soon but until they happen I don’t really want to comment on them.”

He’s learning. He’s also recommended that OGEM goes for the Millwall job, saying that he does a good job wherever he goes. Good job in what, exactly? Given their past history together, I guess TB must really have something against Millwall….