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Holloway road

At last, a good bit of transfer news : we’ve signed Mackem Darren Holloway (no relation to Ian) for about £1.25m. He can’t play tomorrow thanks to a minor ankle injury – just what is it with us with regards to signing injured players? – but should be OK for the Gills match in two weeks time. Now, it’s a good signing IMO, it makes sense to have somebody with versatility at the moment. It has been reported on W&WW that we were planning to sign Dunne (was that a big yawn by somebody?) as well as Dazza, can’t really fathom the logic of that to be honest : two players who play in the same position, and I can’t really see what’s wrong with Will and Wil, who have looked as solid as any WFC central pairing I’ve seen for a while. Still, anyone’s better than Jupp.

I will do one final piece on Dunne, and I just hope that now it can rest. Until I get it in black and white from the top brass that this isn’t the case, I will still have a sneaking gut feeling that there was a last-minute external hitch which scuppered the deal, though I will drop it to save Jonesy planting car bombs under my motor for not believing him 🙂 But even so, there now has to be at least a severe review of how WFC conducts transfers, and indeed how information is transfered between the top brass and the footballing side. It has been asked how R&G ever got rich given such problems : well, to be honest, I don’t think they’ve got started yet (remember, they are still dealing by and large with an extremely parochial organisation in parts), and any more bad publicity like this will surely see a Norwegian sword slice its way through the organisation of WFC. No bad thing IMO – if you read Odds this evening, you may come to the same conclusion that I have got.

Rather weird quote from TB in the South London Press today. Granted, he was naturally pissed off with losing out on Dunne, saying something like it’s a bastard to lose out on a Premiership international who (apparently) wants to join you. But he then said something afterwards which puzzled me – it went something like “we will just have to coach the players more”. Eh? Thought that was TB’s job anyway? Unless he thinks the current defense isn’t good enough, but then it’s only really right back at the moment which isn’t entirely up to scratch. Methinks TB should try and sort out a ball-winning midfielder as a priority. Or isn’t that what Ian Selley is supposed to do?

Also from W&WW – the new club shop should be up and running in about 5-6 weeks, which is nice. Hopefully they’ll open one more till this time 🙂

Couple of minor things : one, we’ve got Boro in the WC at SP. Revenge mission for being cheated out of 3 points last season methinks. And secondly, wasn’t it sad that Celsi lost. Well, I haven’t actually finished laughing yet. Did you know that they’re reportedly £110m in debt and it’s got to be fully paid off by about 2007 or so…?