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Stocking up

wfc_stock A win at SP? Yup, Tramadol Cheap Us 2 Insignificant Northerners 0, and it actually looked rather too easy at the finish. Neil Ardley got a penalty for us, Damo finished it off in about the 88th minute following good work from Angryman, and our first win at Palace’s place since Leicester in March this year. Jeez, that is a looooongggggg time. Oh yeah, and the linesman – a Mr Perkins I do believe – is a cunt. A grade A+ complete and utter footballing illiterate cunt. If he actually knows the rules of football I will slit my testicles.

Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex Right, so let’s get down to it:

Plus points: A win. A win at SP. A clean sheet. Defense looked solid for the most part. So did Trond. So did Johnathon Hunt. So did Damo. Looked MUCH more direct today than previous SP games. We attacked pretty well. Angryman’s contribution for the last 7 minutes that he came on. No Jupp. Just how bad were Stockport?

Order Tramadol With Paypal Minus points: Taking our foot off the gas for much (too much) of the second half. Both JH and Euell looked quite lethargic at times. Where to improve: Ball. The. Over. Net. Into. Line. The. Put. Rearrange these words into a well known phrase or saying.

Truth is stranger than fiction: Neil Perkins, aka that bent tosser who ran the line and gave all those offsides. I don’t think I’ve seen officiating quite as bad as that.

Officialdom nightmare: I go to a game, and find out that the referee is Jeff Winter, with Neil Perkins and Wendy Toms ruining running the line. I will either walk out or commit murder. Spotted: The new Celsi boss (Ranieri) in the director’s lounge, presumably after Euell. The Laughing Policeman snippet aimed at Celsi before the match was done as he arrived….. Bad Moon Rising: The temporary blast of the bugle at corners, just when we thought it had been buried. Phillo, please, I’m begging you – no, I’m threatening you – please don’t play it. No matter who told you to do it. Thank you. In a nutshell: Thank fuck we’re not Celsi 🙂

Tramadol To Buy Uk Just can’t help wondering why no other media outlet apart from both WFC and Sunderland websites, plus Sky Sports.Com TV have said that Holloway has signed for us. F365 reckon terms are still to be finalised. Please don’t let this be yet another famous WFCesque How Not To Handle A Transfer, I’ve just got over Dunne….