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Some fallout from the Stockport game : TB had a bit of a go at the team for not putting the chances away (saying that we should really have been 4-0 up before we scored). Mind you, having every single attack flagged for offside is some sort of reason for that. He did, however, liken the game to a cricket match, comparing it to when a batsman gets 99 or so and everyone is nervously waiting for the 100.

Hmm, I would like him to use a porno film analogy whenever we next stuff somebody 4-0 (“it was like when the actress slid her pouting lips down the shaft of the actor’s love trunceon whilst her co-star skillfully negotiated his pork sword inbetween her perfectly rounded arse cheeks”). And in case anyone is wondering, TB has never considered quitting WFC, even after THAT transfer breakdown (I refuse to mention the player’s name ever again in case I fall into a boredom-induced coma).

Speaking of the Eire CB who we didn’t sign, he now wants to go to Celtic. Wonder if this is something to do with it?

One moan about yesterday, apart from P*****s the linesman : isn’t it typical Wimbledon to offer a promotion of Kids For A Quid and have a lower than average attendance? Now, yesterday I handed in a letter to WFC marketing explaining what should be in WFC’s shops, together with a copy of the Surrey CC magazine (if I get any response, I will of course let you know), but the shameful lack of promotion for the KFAQ thing was painfully obvious.

Granted, there were some takers, and I would be interested to see what the attendance would have been yesterday without it, but an excellent idea to boost attendances may well be shelved due to the club’s total inability to do basic promotion. You may be able to defend WFC marketing by saying “but they did promote in the local paper”, but I think herin lies the problem : “we” know there was a KFAQ promotion because most of us live and breathe WFC to a large degree. But if you were to pretend you were a waverer, ie you didn’t actively go out looking for it and just relied on what was thrust in your face, you wouldn’t have known we were even playing.

Don’t believe me? OK, where were the adverts in the locals? At the back, and about the size of a small column. If you’re idly looking through the paper, it doesn’t exactly come out at you and smack you in the face, does it? And if you don’t read the locals, how else would you have found out? Through schools and McDonalds?

Fine if you’ve got kids who go to school in the Merton area and eat Big Macs (and plenty of parents won’t allow their kids Maccy Ds out of principle), but otherwise….. Listen to the radio? Forget it. Just idly walking through Wimbledon Broadway? You weren’t exactly badgered into going. Even the programme only carried a tiny little bit, so I would doubt if many of our regular fans were that knowledgable about it. Am I being unfair to WFC Marketing? I don’t think so, the facts do sadly speak for themselves (and they can’t use the old excuse of “But Hammam wouldn’t let us” that they used quite regularly any more). The most annoying thing about WFC Marketing is that when they get it right (ie shop at SP, FITC) they get it very right. But when they get it wrong………