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Another week, another WFC transfer debacle. Well, kind of – Robbo is going on loan to Burnley for one month, with a possibility that he may sign for them. Which wins the award for biggest transfer fuck-up since, er, the last time we tried to do anything. There are two reasons for this : one, it’s to give him first team experience. Secondly, it could be the final act by TB to get shot of him – for those who have heard the rumours that Robbo spends most of the time plastered it may not be surprising that he’s now in Turf Moor. Stories that he just could not settle in London may well be true, and this certainly gives credence to the rumours that he and the WFC staff were not exactly on the same wavelength.

So, we need a scapegoat for this, let’s see who we can pick on….. I know, let’s do what some people are doing and blaming the Norwegians for it. Yeah, because…. er….. no, I can’t think how they could possibly be involved in this either. One thing is has done is put a new slant on the (apparent) pulling of plugs for certain Scouse-based Eire centre backs who we have a habit of not signing. Does this very incident today reflect on Terry Burton badly? If you reckon that he should have known about Robbo’s “problems” before he splashed out on him then yes, it’s TB’s fault. Some doubts are starting to surface as to whether TB knows what he’s doing when it comes to the transfers “in” column, and incidents like these don’t exactly allay these fears. Or is it Robbo himself who is to blame? Rumours of getting narked about not being picked immediately, the drinking problems alluded to above etc etc, and maybe this is his “punishment”? If he goes, we may get the £1.5m, we may not. But I don’t want to make any more losses on playing staff..

There is always the innocent explanation, and here it is : Celsi have admitted that they’re after Mr 110% (on the recommendation of one J Morris…. yeah) and maybe, just maybe, that this is a good opportunity to give Robbo some much needed first team practice. OK, why he’s gone to another first div club is one that needs to be answered, and it was the same club who tried to go in for him in the summer, but then anything is possible.

Also on loan – Wayne Gray to Port Vale to get some experience himself. Guess they’ve built a new running track around the Stoke area

OGEM watch : his book launch in central London wasn’t particularly well attended apparently, and nobody seems to know how many people went to his one in Books Etc in Wimbledon on Saturday either. Not many, maybe. Mind you, his book costs £17 and from the extracts I’ve read, there does seem to be glaring inaccuracies in it all the way through. Ironic that he did a signing session in the very same place that he (and his boss) had scant regard for.

Oh, and he’s been linked with the Pompey job. Big club that, well, behind the Navy soccer team.

One more thing on SW19 – I have been hard at proper work this last week, and will be so until Friday (I tend to work bloody Sundays as well now). Therefore, updates will be sparse, which is a shame because I’ve got a beaut for the Sights and Sounds section. Next week I hope to be more free to do SW19, so bear with me (please)