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Jack and Gill

Order Tramadol Next Day Delivery wfc_gill Well, I guess neutrals would have liked Princes 4 Pikeys 4, I on the other hand am still trying to come to terms with the game. This was, without a doubt, one of the most bizzare games I have ever gone to. We actually have played much worse defensively this year and conceded no goals, yet anyone looking at the game without being there today would have thought that we had no defense and played 11 strikers. We started off well, Damo doing a well executed strike, but then we had some really Alan Reeves/Dean Blackwell-esque defensive performances from Wilmott, coupled with some right iffy refereeing (anyone else think their first goal was offside?). JH netted twice, so did Euell. I would like to see this game again on video just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming it….. Anyway, let’s examine it in the usual way shall we?:

Plus points: We didn’t lose. We scored 4 goals. Excellent debut from Darren Holloway. Hunt played well, he and Holloway looked as though they had been playing with each other for years. So did Thomas. Strikes were well taken, and we kept the showboating down to a minimum for once. Chris Wilmott’s second half performance was much much more what we expect from him. Some of the passing and distribution was as crisp as I have ever seen from a WFC team. We never gave up. It was entertaining, you can’t not say that.

Minus points: We didn’t win. We conceded 4 goals. We totally forgot about having a defence for about 7 minutes, by which time most of the damage had been done. Am I the only WFC fan not overly convinced by Marcus Gayle? Some of the flicks we were trying just were not coming off. We definitely missed Mark Williams. Where to improve: Perhaps Chris Wilmott should not run over any more black cats before a game.

Tramadol Pills Online Celeb spotting: Mark Walters, the ex-Liverpool and Rangers player, sits near me. Well, if it isn’t him, he’s an extremely good likeness. Truth is stranger than fiction……and then some: That whole game was just bizzare

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The amount of Gillingham fans that came down today. There was too much heather about, but at least nobody bothers to loot caravans in Kent. (2) Noticing the Croydon Advertiser advert in the main stand that says “A Premiership paper”. Er, yeah…. (3) Me eating about 75% of a KFC variety bucket, complete with coleslaw. (4) Not knowing how quite to react after the final whistle

Quotes of the day: (1) “This is like it was in 1983/84 when we had a great forward line but a shit defense. It was also the last time we played Gillingham” – paraphrasing from an unnamed WFC fan (you know who you are) at HT. (2) “I watched Hartson and he’s only doing the bare minimum isn’t he? He’s certainly not as committed as Fashanu was” – my dad.

Excuse for not winning: The game summed up my week.

In a nutshell: Did I tell you how bizzare that game was?