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Tiny 0 Time 2. Crap, basically. Undoubtedly our worst performance of the season, and perhaps for some time. We looked as though we never got out of first gear, and at times even that was a bit fast paced. Call it lethargy, call it complacency, call it the difficult conditions, call it sheer tiredness, but there is simply no excuse for that pile of shite. TB was trying to get them going, but there’s only so much you can do on the touchline : if they’re not putting the effort in on the pitch, there is simply sweet fuck all you can do about it. The goals? OK, first one was a deflection off Chrissy Wilmott (boy he must really hate this week), second one was a good strike on the edge of half time after we failed to clear it. Us? Hunt had a very good shot saved, JH missed a 1-on-1 and that was it. Anyway…. Plus points: Angryman, Owusu and Thomas looked lively. The full time whistle

Buy Cheap Tramadol Uk Minus points: Where do I start? OK, what the fuck has happened to our defence. Up until Gillingham it was pretty solid, and now look at it. Too many sub-par performances all round. Gayle was awful, so awful even TB took him off at HT. JH looked about 75% fit and Euell looked 10% interested – £6m for him? Do me a favour. Too much backing off. Too much fancy passing in midfield, and not enough people willing to shoot in the area. Have to say, with Kimble our defence looks like it did in the bad old days.

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Where to improve: Try learning to clear the ball in defence, and shooting in the box. Does tend to prevent a lot of problems. Take Chris Wilmott to Haiti, and get them to remove the voodoo curse that was put on him recently.

Online Tramadol Mastercard Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) About 3 years ago, this was a Premiership fixture. (2) Deciding to do a one-man verbal assault on the ref during the picture above, doing it, then having some muppet telling me to “shut up”. Strange, because same muppet only minutes earlier was doing exactly the same as I was, only with everyone else doing it at the time. Yeah, it’s easy to be hard when there’s loads of you……

Scary: Mark Williams’ new hair colour.

Should really have seen it coming: Being reminded before the game that the conditions tonight were exactly the same for last year’s debacle against Sheff Wed.

Point to ponder: Why do midweek games at SP suck even more than daytime games?

Tramadol Sales Cheap In a nutshell: No excuse whatsoever. We were awful.