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Harley signs

Well, after a bad defeat, it’s nice to get some little bit of reward, and here it is : on loan, for 3 months, is Jon Harley, Celsi’s left back. He’s apparently very impressed with our style of play, which is nice. It’s thought that it’s either (a) to get him first team experience before moving back to Celsi, (b) a subtle ploy to bring Mr 110% with him to Ponti Stamfordi when he returns, or (c) a permanent signing with – yup – Mr 110% going the other way in part exchange.

Now, a few things here : one, TB is saying how nice it is to have a left-footed left sider at the club. Secondly, bearing in mind that both Kramer and Kimble will be more or less fit in a month’s time, a 3 month loan doesn’t half sound like a long time. Unless Dessie Byrne is 3 months away from being a first teamer. Be interesting to see what happens in 12 weeks time if the new JH is good enough….

Fallout from Blackburn : TB reckons it was like a testimonial, given the pace and the atmosphere. Well, it was a shit night, watching a shit game, in a shit part of London which none of us give a shit about, and….. well, you get the picture.

And finally, after spending longer on the dole than even me, OGEM has finally persuaded somebody to give him a line of employment. So, the massive club with more resources than Man U, mass support, over-stocked trophy cabinet and a worldwide reputation is………….er……………Oxford United. Yup, the Us. And he’s not even manager, he’s the “advisor”. Advisor in what, exactly? Already he’s having an impact : Peter Fear wants to leave (probably doesn’t want to get assaulted given stiff instructions in the dressing room again). I suppose I ought to wish him well, but you know damn well I’m not going to….