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Firstly, an apology for SW19 being out of action all last night (good job I updated in record time 🙂 ) – this was unfortunately totally out of my hands. It’s also pretty tricky to run a mirror site whenever things like this goes down (as for some reason it takes 4 hours for my URL provider to update a redirect command, the techies will know what I mean), so sorry about that. Isn’t it just typical that servers never go down when we’ve lost…….

Speaking of things breaking down : the sharper eyed amongst you may have noticed the slight lack of coach travel to Barnsley in the programme. The apparent reason for this is that the OSC have effectively scrapped the coaches (and therefore abandoned their main reason for existing) because they are now making a loss on every single coach journey. However, there is a coach running for those who are stuck, but it’s now being personally funded by Mr Elkins himself (if you want to go, you’ll have to call him). So now what? Well, there is talk (and I stress, talk) that WISA may start running the coaches themselves. I assume that this will be sorted ASAP because as the general away attendances have shown, more and more people do want to go. Who, what and where I don’t know, but we’ll find out soon enough

Personally speaking, I think that WFC itself should run the travel, and not WISA. Why? Firstly, why should fans have to run something that the club could easily afford themselves? Secondly, if things go wrong, then it would reflect badly on WISA (WFC are big and ugly enough to deal with this sort of thing). And finally, did anyone mention cost? It may be a good idea to get sponsorship from a local company with vested interests, complete with concessions (if anyone at WFC Marketing wants to pay lip-service to my ideas, contact me at the usual address), this will be able to ensure that we don’t end up with a financial shortfall. It’s a shame that it’s come to this, but with the scare stories (both imagined and real) about the OSC coaches, I’m surprised it’s taking this long….

Reserve team action for you : we beat West Ham 2-1, despite going a goal down (against the run of play) we had a great deal of the game, probably most of it. Second half saw our goals, Voodoo has obviously shaken off the curse of getting a blowjob off a witch and scored the first goal. Des Byrne scored a cracking free kick for the second (apparently REMBE was seen laughing at the goal….), and overall it looked pretty solid. Some good prospects for the future on show tonight.

David Kemp (remember him?) is now the Oxford manager, with guess who as Director of Football until the end of the season (where he’ll probably expect a nice big payoff). Apparently, OGEM didn’t turn up on his first day in his new job. Ah well, at least he made his intentions for the season known in advance.