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Freedom of the Boro Published by REPD on 31 October 2000

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Tramadol Prices Online Oh yes. Oh fucking yes. Nationwide 1 Premiership 0. I knew I enjoyed being a Nationwide club for a good reason, and this was it : by far and away our best performance this season, even better than Wednesday away, and against “top draw” opposition too. Well, Middlesbrough anyway.Not that I care.

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Order Tramadol Online Prescription As a neutral, it was a bit of a midfield battle after midfield battle, but after JH slotted home that penalty (and the Boro tosser should have got sent off) on 85 minutes, it was really game set and match to us. Pressure is now on Bryan Robson, but hey, do you really think I give a fuck about him? Of course I don’t, as you can tell Middlesbrough are one of my least favourite teams (couple of rucks with Boro fans in the past, that lot up there are absolute fucking retarded scum who should be put down at birth), and to beat them is nice. And as a lowly Nationwide club…..

Anyway, shall we?

Plus points: We won. Against Premiership opposition. Actually looked like a team. Will do our confidence no harm whatsoever. Pär “Pecker” Karlsson – find of the season? No wonder IFK were pissed off with only getting £40k for him. Williams had strong game. Come to think of it, so did most of them. I would hope that this game ensures that Fuckface Robson gets the elbow now.

Order Cheap Tramadol Overnight Minus points: Apart from the penalty, JH wasn’t really much cop. Or Gayle really. Only getting sub-4000 for this game. The fact that Sky Sports (and other meeja outlets) gave us no credit whatsoever. Hey, did you know that there were TWO teams playing in this game? And the Nationwide side won? Child raping cunts.

Where to improve: Ah hell, I don’t care 🙂

Ordering Tramadol Online Quotes: (1) “One Nil To The Nationwide” – us on 86 minutes. (2) “Bye Bye Robson” – us again, on 87 minutes. (3) “FUCK OFF ROBSON” – certain editor of politically unsound Wimbledon fanzine immediately after said Robson song. Got some funny (though not dis-approving) looks afterwards. (4) “He’s still a lazy bastard” – same certain editor at the end of the game about JH. (5) “You’re drinking alcohol?????” – certain other well known WFC uberwebmeister at HT. See below. Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Don’t normally use the SP bars as I don’t really advocate drinking alcohol at games (I normally tend to get a blinding headache if you must know). However, on a full stomach I did have some alcohol this time. I like whisky, in fact it’s my favourite drink, and they had some at the SP bar. And guess what? They refused to serve it to me…………….. (2) Did we really fail to beat this sack o’ shite last season? (3) Why did TB run off PDQ at the end of the game? Unless Loyal Don of Croydon (aka Mr Rance) was in the audience…. Question: Who do we play in the next round? And if you couldn’t fathom it getting any better: Spurz lost. 3-1. To Brum. Bye bye Graham. In a nutshell: It’s what supporting WFC is all about. Order Tramadol Online Cod 180