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Out of the woods


Bloody hell, another away game, another win and another last minute goal. In other words, Trent 1 Wandle 2. The first game post-JH, even though he hasn’t actually gone yet he’s picked up the euphimistic pre-transfer injury, which meant that Euell and Gayle were up front. Didn’t seem to miss him, in fact like Crewe we looked a lot more mobile up front.

First goal came from a very good defensive mistake from Bart-Williams, Euell picked it up, ran and slotted past Lurch pretty easily. From there on, it was mainly Forest pressure, and it was of no real surprise when they equalised 2 minutes into injury time in the second half. Bugger. Or was it? We came out of the blocks, Pecker forced a corner, Ardley swung it in, Trond connected and…… well, you can guess the rest.

Anyway, shall we?

Plus points: We won. Away. Again. Don’t seem to miss Hartson that much, nothing a semi-decent and quick centre forward can’t more than adequately replace. Amount of backing up our players did on each other. Way that some of our players found space very easily. Some good passing in places. Dean Blackwell had a good game. So did Kimble. In fact, nobody really had a stinker. Trond’s goal, if anyone deserves a break, it’s him : the “We’ve Got Trond Andersen” chant was the loudest and proudest I’ve ever heard it. The way we came back immediately after the goal. Good turnout for us considering the absolute fuck-up regarding transport – suffice to say, if I’d come back by train, I would still be on it as opposed to writing this for you now.

Minus points: Still worried about Will’s passbacks and I think that Darren Holloway needs to put the boot in a bit more. Ardley’s fart-arsing about that cost us the goal. Indeed, playing for a 1-0 win after we scored probably wasn’t a good idea – though it was the first time we’ve adopted such tactics blatantly this year. Few misplaced passes.

Where to improve: Think we need to give up trying to play for a 1-0 victory, true it was the first time we’ve tried it this season, but really it just doesn’t work. Never has done. Bit of basic passing wouldn’t go amiss at times, and there are still minor adjustments to be made. But I can’t really complain, hell, we even look quite sharp and mobile…

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) My journey up : found out that the latest train that would have got me up to Nottingham in time for kickoff was 10am. Any later and I wouldn’t have got in. Getting a train to Loughborough (on the Derby line), then getting a cab to the station. And I will not begin to describe the boredom on the train going up….. (2) My journey back : the car I was in took about 3 hours max door to door. And they wonder why people won’t use public transport. (3) Forest vs Wimbledon a couple of years ago would have been a reasonably standard Premiership fixture. People say we’ve fallen, Forest have fallen further. A lot further. (4) Two of my mates managed to get into Forest hospitality, with free beer. No, I am not jealous. Much.

Nice: I’ve always liked Forest’s ground.

In a nutshell: Hey, I dig this town.