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Just a quick one… Published by REPD on 21 November 2000

OK everyone, last update until the West Brom game : the JH move to Charlton has, unsurprisingly, collapsed. However, for once it’s not his fitness that is the problem : basically we wanted Lisbie on loan, Charlton wanted JH on loan, we said “no” and Charlton said “well bollocks to you then”.

Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex So we’re back at square #1 again.

Order Tramadol Overnight Mastercard We now have a player who is costing us £15k a week basic (£780k a year at least), who may not be 100% mentally (he certainly isn’t 100% physically, and never was), whilst we still have a huge wage bill to sort out. Frankly, I feel this was a missed opportunity, he will doubtlessly be hero-worshipped beyond his attitude allows, and naturally I expect him to carry on in his carte blanche manner until some mug enlightened team splash out for him. It’s now obvious we were stitched up left, right and centre on him, and it appears that the opportunity has been missed for now. Ah well.

Anyway guys and gals, I’m off now, I’m still contactable thru the normal means. See you on the 2nd.
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