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Oh dear

You may have to excuse me at the minute, because I’m not too sure about how I’m going to approach Squatters 3 Tenants 1. At the moment, I am currently suffering a lethal cocktail of embarrasment, anger, bewilderment, disgust and betrayal. Embarrassment, because the way we played so well in the first half and then go to Capitulation City for the second time in a week (this must have been one of the worst fuck-ups in a half I have seen WFC do for a long, long time). Anger, because of the way that certain players yet again just do not deserve to pick up our wages. You know who I mean, more and more people tonight were expressing similar sentiments. Bewilderment, because of the polarisation of the two halves – believe me, had we played the way we did in the first half for the whole 90 then I would have been waxing lyrical about yet another win in the away column.

The final feeling I have is one of betrayal. Puzzled? Let me explain. Now, TB mentioned in his program notes last Saturday that he wanted some more noise from us, because it helps the team. So, we gave tonight the most noise for a while and what happens? You guessed it, they fuck up again. Just like we gave them noise at QPR and they fuck up. Just like we (apparently) got behind them at Man City, and at Soton last year, and at the Villa game at SP last year and…. yeah, you get the idea.

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My sense of betrayal is shaped by the fact that no matter what we (the fans) do, how much encouragement we give, it clearly doesn’t matter in many cases. The excuses (and that’s what they are, excuses. Nothing more) that we’re not winning because of lack of atmosphere, or because we’re playing at SP has worn dangerously thin IMO, and skates around the real issue : attitude. Last season, I mentioned that too many players had the wrong attitude.

Can I Get Ambien Online This season is starting to go the same way. There were certain players out there on the field today, even in the first half (again, I won’t afford them a name check, you’ll know who I mean) who were swanning about. Quite frankly, I don’t want to see the guilty parties playing in WFC shirts again. Ever. It’s no wonder we’re playing badly when we’re carrying passengers. Instead of it being 11 vs 11, it’s often a case of 11 vs 8, with us having the shortfall. And that is what hurts most of all. I am sick of certain elements within the club constantly taking the piss, I am sick of certain elements within the club holding back our progress which TB clearly wants to do, I am sick of certain elements feeling like they have a divine right to do what the fuck they want. I want them out. I don’t want them turning up at the training ground tomorrow, even if it means that the Rose and Crown doesn’t get 10% of its daily takings. I’m not even fussed whether they’re replaced or not, it’s not as though you can say we’re vastly weakened when they’re gone (we only looked capable of drawing back at 3-1 down after we made substitutions, hell I was really glad that Euell came on).

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Buy Zolpidem From India I’m pissed off, and if the culling part #2 starts tomorrow, I’m down the Bank Of England with my shotgun.

Buy Zolpidem Online Usa And no, I don’t know why Trond went off either.