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Haddock and chips

Firstly, after many (well OK, two) complaints, I will point out that it was indeed Damien Francis who scored the first goal against Brum on Saturday, not Jason Euell. Humblest apologies.


Secondly, and probably more relevant. Somebody please explain to me the reasoning behind Battered 2 Haddock 2 – there must really be a psychological barrier playing at the Toilet Bowl that prevents the team from winning there ever.

It’s as though we’ve now convinced ourselves that we will never win at SP again. And tonight proved it. The fact that we gave away at least one soft goal (well, I missed the second one) cancelled out the efforts from Euell and Trond. Yes, the pitch was cack, but frankly there is now no excuse for such Jeckyl like behaviour this season.

When the crowd start getting on your back against opposition that you’re really expected to hammer, you really have a serious problem. We certainly do at the moment, I just can’t think of how we’re ever going to remedy this….

I’ll be brief…..

Plus points: Well we didn’t lose…..

Minus points: But we didn’t win either

Go figure: This is exactly the same team that beat Brum 3-0 at St Andrews. No obvious change in formation either. Is it that little 3 syllable word they call “attitude” that’s the problem again?

Truth is stranger than fiction: The Grimsby away support. Even less than what we would take if the venues were reversed. And that’s saying something

Missing in action: Terry Burton. No, he wasn’t there tonight, lucky sod. Perhaps he’s looking for new strikers? Or a new job.

Spotted: Some scouts, and no, not the woggle variety either. Rumoured to be looking at JH, though again they probably would have been better off staying at home with a nice cup of cocoa. I wish I did.

Was it worth it?: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha. Sorry, what was the question?

In a nutshell: WHY wasn’t this game called off?