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We hate Selhurst


We prepare everything right. We put in effort at SP. We stay in hotels before the game. We even consider playing in green.

So how the fuck did Puma 0 Reebok 1 happen?

Mostly all round good performance, only letting the second placed team in the league have about one shot on target. Which they duly scored with. From Dean fucking Holdsworth as well – bet the ovation he got before the game motivated him.

Once again the ire of playing at Shitehurst is really getting to people : apart from the two ends behind the goals (see pic left) the rest of it was empty. When people are doing not entirely trivial campaigns to get Wimbledon back to a refurbished Plough Lane because they are generally fearful that the bottom will fall out of the club because of SP, you know we have problems….

The SP:

Plus points: Probably the best WFC performance at SP this season, believe it or not. Everyone except a couple of people played well. Looked a team for the most part.

Minus points: We lost. SP really is getting people down. The supposedly Premiership quality of JH and Euell looked anything but – glaring misses and the fact that Colin Hendry had JH in his pocket proves that. Am I being unfair? Well if I am, I ain’t the only one.

Where to improve: Same problem yet again – we just ran out of steam. The goal seemed to knock the stuffing out of us.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) I had forgotten how much a team can run a game and yet still lose. (2) Were Bolton REALLY second in the table? If we consolidate this year, get the right players out and the right players in, we could storm this division next season. I mean it.

Not time to panic, but……. : The realisation that we are simply relying too much on our away form.

Quotes: (1) “Every time I say something, it always appears on your web site” – certain un-named Womble to me at half time. No, I am not taking quote publishing to extremes. Honest. (2) “Get rid of Euell and Hartson quick, they were the ones that cost us the game today” – my dad.

TB quoteth: “The crowd always gives a good response and they applauded us off at the end”. Makes a change from frequently being how crap the atmosphere always is. Methinks TB knows he’s running out of excuses.

In a nutshell: Beware of the suckerpunch……….