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Yeah yeah, I know I haven’t been updating. This is primarily what this update is about. Firstly, I have been EXTREMELY busy recently, suffice to say that it’s only really the match reports that I can actually do at the moment. If you look at most other web sites, this site is actually updated more than most. This is not a slur on any site BTW, anyone involved in one will know exactly how hard it can be to maintain freshness. The fact that there isn’t half as much decent news about as there was like last season is a major contibutory factor, and until I get anything decent, it’ll remain like this for a while. What I may be able to do is a weekly roundup type thing say in the middle of the week, again, this depends on time but I’d like to keep it rolling.

Secondly, I won’t be in the UK between the 5th Jan and the 9th Jan. New York, if you must know. And yes, I know I’m going away again. Spare me the lectures 🙂

Thirdly, I’m going to make a plea, or proposition, or whatever. I want more articles from the SW19 readership, and I will from time to time ask for somebody to do a front cover. I’ve had loads (well, OK, two) complaints about the staleness of the front sheet, trust me, I AM aware of the situation, I haven’t really had much material to work on, and as such it’s been quite slack. There may be one soon, maybe even before Xmas day. So keep peeled.

Fourthly, and finally, don’t expect an update before Christmas Eve. No, I’m not evading my responsibilities, just that I am going to get back very late from Tranmere, and quite frankly I’ll be brain dead this time tomorrow…..

Anyway, here’s some news which you probably know already : Dry Martini’s back in Norway. Which is a shame, I believe the abuse (and that’s what it was – abuse) at the Leicester game last season just because he wasn’t Michael Hughes was a major factor in TB getting rid of him. He’s no worse than the likes of Ardley, but I guess it’s the old Player Power raising its ugly head yet again. You know, when a certain captain of ours is overheard after a game this season giving anti-Norwegian rhetoric to anyone in earshot, that kind of thing.

Can’t really say much about our SP form this season, but Neil Ardley’s comments that “we hate this place” can be taken one of two ways. Either he’s having a go at the fans, or he’s having a go at the SP environment. If it’s the latter, it’s a welcome blast and a major “ally” in our attempts to leave the Toilet Bowl. If it’s the former, then it may prove that our players really do believe that they’re beyond reproach. Needless to say, the atmosphere at SP hasn’t been THAT bad in the main, a few flat games true but also some real passion there (Tranmere and Bolton spring to mind here). Excuse making? Well, Dean Holdsworth reckons so, but will our lot listen……….?