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Wirral having fun

trfc_wfc Business as usual : another trip away from the Cesspit, another comprehensive victory : Ordering Tramadol From Mexico Transexuals 0 Straight & Narrow 4 was especially pleasing, as we didn’t have our supposed best player, JH on the field.

Up front was Angryman, who terrorised the utter shit out of them along with Euell who we must make every effort to keep on this performance (yeah, I’d never thought I’d be saying that myself). Indeed, everyone played well, including the dismissed Rob Gier.

Ordering Tramadol Online Uk Kelvin had a few saves to make, but the main talking points were the goals : only one from a set play (Williams for the second), Trond’s first was a gorgeous strike, Euell’s two were absolutely sublime. When was the last time we saw a WFC player chip the ball….? Now the Xmas cheer Plus points: Winning “away” yet again. Keeping a clean sheet. Just generally looking in charge. Excellent performances all round. The way we fluidly passed the ball. The way we backed each other up. Angryman looking like somebody who can only get better. Euell’s goals. Trond’s goal. The WFC support Minus points: Gier’s sending off. A bit stupid. Still, at least he’s our new Ben Thatcher.

Things that make you go “Eek”: The weather. I’ve been in warmer chest freezers.

Quotes: (1) “I’m not paying any money to that bearded cunt” – certain un-named Womble complaining about Virgin’s slightly non-VFM beverage service. The cunt in question, in case you haven’t guessed already, is Richard Branson, who would go to the opening of a toilet seat if it got his mug in the papers. (2) “Queer” – Tranmere Rovers fan to a Womble who was doing a disturbingly accurate impression of Peter Cork on the bus back to Birkenhead Central. Sadly, Mr [name witheld to protect the embarrased party] went too far when he started chatting up local Czech Republic males. Point to ponder: Does this performance, and others like it, suggest once and for all that a certain Welsh centre forward is not needed anymore? Missing: One John Hartson from the team bus. Obviously didn’t travel up. Hardly the sort of thing that one would expect from the team captain. Neither is alledgedly going drinking in Covent Garden only this week, staying to closing time and then supposedly asking the bar staff “so where can I go after closing time?”

Truth is stranger than fiction: Those limos……….

Nice: Tranmere’s ground. And their stewards seemed to come from Planet Earth.

With friends like these….. : The OS commentary saying there were “only” 80 of us there. Ignore the fact there was over triple that there, when you get this sort of ill informed bullshit on your own site, what hope have we got?

So, was it worth an obscenely early start in a freezing part of England just before Xmas, suffering Virgin delays and getting back at midnight merely to watch 22 grown men kick a synthetic pigs bladder around a pitch?: Oh come on, what do you think? I didn’t pay to get in either.

In a nutshell: Merry Xmas Wimbledon.