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Ashore for Xmas


The traditional boxing day game is normally cold and dampened by a really dumb kickoff time of 12pm, and SW19’s Army 1 Royal Navy 1 was no exception. If I was the BBC or some other football journo type twat, I would describe this game as scrappy.

However, I’m a WFC fan, so I’ll instead describe this game as a rather good performance that was performed in some right shitty conditions. We put on probably most of the pressure, certainly I don’t recall Pompey having many chances (oh yeah, their goal, but that was against the run of play anyway…). However, it was only a goal about 4 minutes into the second half – scored by Damo – that ensured we got the point. Probably should have won it, but then if you don’t score, you don’t win

Settle down with a stale leftover mince pie, grab yourself a lager and enjoy the SW19 $0.02:

Plus points: We didn’t lose. Solid performances from most of the team. Passing and distribution – and movement – at times was good. The way we bounced back from conceding so late in the first half – would have knocked the stuffing out of us previously. Angryman – ran like fuck, terrorised the Pompey defense at times and when he had to go off injured (hamstring) he wasn’t happy at this ineviability.

Minus points: Conceding a goal. We didn’t win. Ardley wasn’t exactly the best I’ve seen him. Attackers did on occasions get in the way of each other. Pitch looked shit.

Retard: The ref. Missed a punch on Darren Holloway by a Pompey player during a second half fracas. Missed quite a bit, come to think of it.

Draw your own conclusions: JH wasn’t on the bench today. But he did turn up. Question is, why didn’t he play? I’ve heard conflicting stories that he’s merely got flu, but not exactly dressing like he has flu, to him turning up drunk and being dropped, to throwing a strop and walking out. Guess we’ll find out soon enough. He wasn’t in the players area, certainly, though it is thought he went to an executive box. And before you say anything, we are certainly much better off without him.

For the uninitiated: In the olden days, the main enemy weren’t Palace, or Fulham, but Portsmouth. And their fans are still little sailor boys.

Quotes: “Who got sent off?” – my 84 year old grandmother, asking me about today’s game. What – are we getting such a bad-boy reputation again that people are thinking we’ll always have 10 men?

Do you realise…….: This was our second highest attendance of the season.

So, was it worth it?: Yeah, suppose so. It certainly wasn’t our worst performance, that’s for sure.

In a nutshell: Patience, guys, we’re getting there.