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Wat for?

watford_wfc Rats cocks. I wasn’t expecting Horns 3 Pricks 1 but I suppose that an unhealthy over-reliance on away form will backfire on you eventually. Actually, the game could easily be described as a typical Selhurts performance. Lots of huffing and puffing and not really much else.

Ambien Mastercard I guess the whole team was still in shock at Marcus Gayle actually scoring. It was a peach as well, either a poorly delivered cross or a mega fantasic shot. Either way, that should have put us on the road but didn’t. What went wrong? Basically, we fell asleep and before we knew it we were 2-1 down. From then on we stuggled to get back into the game and it was practically lost by half time anyway. I’m just going to put it down as a minor setback, we were due a shite away performance and I suppose this was it. No JH BTW. Flu, I guess. The lowdown….. Plus points: Marcus Gayle finding the net. Solid performance by Rob Gier. Much more solid second half performance (not that it was difficult). Good WFC turnout – between 1k and 2k, similar to last year. Plenty of singing too. Angryman putting the shit up the Watford defense. Minus points: Throwing the game away so soon after Marcus Gayle’s opener. Poor Peter Hawkins had his worst 20 minute spell in a Tiny shirt. Too many astray passes. Pedestrian for a lot of it – look, were our lot on the wagon New Year’s Eve? And did they finally come off it New Year’s Day? Ardley looked out of it, his corners especially were dire. Scary: Sully’s kicking. Oh sorry, Kelvin’s kicking. And you thought their similarity only ended with them looking like each other?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Marcus Gayle scored a beauty. Repeat that slowly. Now go and lie in a darkened room and pretend it never happened. (2) The stand we were in. Newly built of course, but the concourse areas were smaller than my front room. (3) Did my eyes deceive me and a WFC player (Angryman) actually harrass a Watford player? (4) And did my ears deceive me by hearing people chant Kimble’s name (he was a sub)? Or was that tinnitus? Quotes: (1) “Elton John is a homosexual” – WFC chanting. Next, we’ll be chanting something about George Michael and public conveniences. (2) “I bet he doesn’t” – un-named WFC fan who is of a non-hetro persuasion commenting on chants about Mr Dwight’s version of Hunt The Salami. Take your word for it….. (3) “I wouldn’t mind so much but they’re a bunch of fat, bald journeymen” – another un-named Womble at half-time about Watford. You may insert your own joke relating to a certain WFC Welsh centre forward. Not that you need much encouragement 🙂 Salutations: The two Wombles right near me who are readers of this site and who also gave the abuse to Ian Walker at the Spurz reserve game this season. Top lads

Fat Bastard Alert: The editor consumed 2 saveloys, 1 fish cake, a whole portion of chips and a cheeseburger with onions. I was hungry.

So, was it worth £18? Er, no……

In a nutshell: Bollox