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Month: January 2001


Bit of site news for you : yes, the guestbook has been trimmed down. Yes, the SW19 TrimALot device was a little over zealous (so … Read more

BRG speaks

Well, the BRG meeting with supporters representatives went ahead last night, and from all parties concerned, it seemed to go extremely well. Obviously, there were … Read more

Pompey fallout

Still a lot going on about the Pompey stewards doing their impression of Terry Funk. Read some supportive (of us) comments from Pompey fans, a … Read more

Mists of time

Probably the ultimate Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction. The picture to your left tells the whole story. Here’s the lowdown : we played pretty naff … Read more


Fallout from yesterday : very few papers reported on the protest yesterday, those who did got the figures disgustingly wrong. One paper said “hundreds”, the … Read more