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Bit of site news for you : yes, the guestbook has been trimmed down. Yes, the SW19 TrimALot device was a little over zealous (so much so that it took out a vital piece of code which meant that it fucked up). And yes, I will try not to leave it quite so long next time. But the guestbook works now. Next time I have half a day spare, I’ll be working on stuff like mirror sites in order to keep downtime to a minimum. Plus other things too exciting to mention.

WFC? Oh yeah. According to Wombling Free, WFC are going to do free travel up to Boro. Which is great, even though the venue in itself may well put people off. And the reputation of WFC Official Travel (hell, I’m going up by automobile….) I’ve noticed more and more clubs are doing this, West Ham did it for the Old Trafford visit and we were going to do it for Bradfart away last season. Bet they charge us £25 a ticket though….

I’m careful not to put this as a Dumb Rumour Of The Week contender, bearing in mind the last time I did it the thing actually happened, so here goes : Damo to Soton for £1m. Stop laughing. I seriously doubt if this is true, even the less-than-truthful TwatTalk are having doubts about it. Meanwhile, the old JH To Coventry rumours still won’t go away, they may indeed come back in for £5m for him. I would like to think that if JH goes we won’t need to get rid of people like Euell and Damo.