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Hartson breaks down. His transfer, that is

To the surprise of just about nobody, but to the anger of many more than you realise, the resurrected move of JH to Coventry fell through this morning because – wait for it – Coventry couldn’t get the insurance on him. For “historical” reasons, not current reasons, apparently. Now, this really HAS pissed people off, but instead of anger at WFC for trying to sell him in the first place, or even at Coventry for not being dumb enough to accept him, the player himself is getting about 99% of the attacks. I don’t recall a player NOT being sold getting such stick, but when you look at what has happened, you can’t really blame the attackers. Think about it – this season alone, JH has been “cuddled”, he’s been praised to the hilt by TB (who I doubt really wants him), he’s been made captain, in fact the club have bent over backwards for him. So far in fact I’m surprised our spine hasn’t cracked. Why is he getting so much abuse? I think people really have wised up. JH is receiving close to £700k a year BASIC, and given the tightening of finances at WFC that is a high figure to pay out. Now, if JH acted like a professional, nobody would probably begrudge him it. But this season, he has generally performed poorly. Injuries (euphemistic?) or not, he has been constantly marked out of games by defenders who really wouldn’t walk into our team. And when he HASN’T played, we’ve look much better, so there’s no love here any more. The final straw for many was Pompey. When our fans weren’t getting raped by RentAMob, many were getting really pissed off at the 1-dimensional tactics that we had to employ because he was on the pitch. This was a day after JH had said that he was fully fit and raring to go. Did he stand out for you? No? There’s a surprise…..

So, the fans patience has run out, but has WFC’s? Well, the official statement came about lunchtime, it is really quite amazing: “WIMBLEDON regret to announce that it has not been possible to finalise the transfer of John Hartson to Coventry City. Chief Executive David Barnard said today: “We are naturally disappointed that we have been unable to conclude John’s transfer to Coventry but we fully understand their position in relation to the insurance.” “Everyone knows that with the exception of a cracked rib John has been fit to train and play all season and we have no doubt that he still has a long, successful career ahead of him.” Now, when was the last time you EVER read a club statement – any club, not just WFC – who seem genuinely pissed off that they can’t sell an expensive player for less than they bought him? Ignore the WISA press releaseque last bit which is clearly a kind of “but we really want him to stay. Honest” get-out clause, the relationship between club and player must be at an all time low.

Order Cheap Tramadol Online Last night, in the SW19 guestbook, someone who keeps in regular contact with JH commented that JH himself was really pissed off at not being asked to travel to Notts despite not actually having “genuine” food poisoning. Now, you could argue “so why should he bust a gut when we’re clearly dumping on him?”. Because WFC have finally lost patience, that’s why. I’ve no idea whether the guy will now receive a “get fit or get out” ultimatum, but the battle lines have clearly been drawn. TB’s approach of “we must play him to put him in the shop window” has clearly failed, because if anything his performances have lowered his value. It will be interesting to see the fallout from this. Time will tell. My current feelings are this : he’s no good to us. We’ve done a LOT for him and he still keeps acting totally unprofessionally. For a pro-footballer to be seen constantly drinking alcohol in games where he is supposed to be injured, any badness that comes from that is nobody’s fault but that of the player himself. If his knee is seriously fucked, check on his insurance to see if he can be retired. If we can’t, then see if we can cancel his contract and tell Barnett to find another club on his own. This will have to be by mutual consent, but if JH is that pissed off at the way he feels he’s being messed about then surely he’ll agree to it. If neither of those options are viable, then at least some sort of financial damage limitation needs to be arranged. Renegotiation of contract? Not too sure how legal that would be, but something will need to be done, and soon. The club have shown their hand, they are clearly pissed off with JH now. JH is pissed off with WFC for “selling him to a two-bob team like Coventry”. Hmm, ever asked yourself why they want to sell you to such a club, Mr Hartson? The real answer may want to make you have a pint……. Something will give, let’s hope it’s quick and decisive.

Oh, and one final thought on the JH move for now – apparently, JH is a partner in Barnett’s business. JH doesn’t want to leave WFC – for reasons which legally I won’t get into, though I have my theories – and perhaps he’s telling Barnett to scupper each move that WFC want to get sorted. It seems feasible, and given his private comments above, he’s looking for that megabuck move he (and Barnett) feels he deserves. Remember, he seemed dead keen to go to Rangers but not to Coventry…… Elsewhere, and old news I know, Marcus Gayle has been rubbing people up the wrong way with comments earlier this week about how he ignored TB’s instructions against Notts County which meant we scored. Makes you wonder how often he (and some others no doubt) do what they feel instead of what they’re asked to do. I bet he wouldn’t have proudly boasted this had we somehow not scored in the game. This is like last season all over again. Still, Gayle is supposedly on his way out soon, so at least he can attract interest by proving how loyal and obedient he is (er…..)