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Nott in my name


Tramadol Ultram Online And about time too – finally, Magpies 0 Kestrels 1 gets completed, though even THAT took about 120 minutes. This must have taken a profound effect on people, hell it’s taken me over 24 hours just to get over the fact I won’t need to go to Nottingham for a while (and if anyone is complaining about how long the report takes, please be aware that I do do this all in my spare time, I was working today and I was bloody shattered last night. I’ve told you before about taking this site for granted and I have no desire to keep telling you). One person who clearly loves Nottingham is Trond : this is the second time this season he’s come by the River Trent and scored in the last minute. Just as well really, I didn’t fancy penalties. Good goal too, a strong header from virtually 18 yards out. The rest, well….. Plus points: A win. We’re through to the next round. Angrymann played very well. The return of KC. The rehabilitation of Gareth Ainsworth (Can we fix him? Can we fuck…). No JH – hangover again – and a much more mobile team again.

Mastercard Tramadol Minus points: Wasting so many chances. Jason Euell didn’t have a very good game. Voodoo’s sending off – he just can’t leave that witch alone. Realising that the next round will see us play Boro. Away. Urg. Disappointing: The WFC turnout. Noisy, but was still the same as the fogged off game. That said, many couldn’t go yesterday but just as many took their place.

Kindergarten’s out on Saturday: (1) The Brimson brothers lookalikes in the Notts County stand near us who tried to large it big time. Nice Mr Policeman kept an eye on them, but they were roundly shut up by the loud WFC contingent. Nobs. (2) The 15 year old Leicester fan on the returning train who joked about our attendances. Do people still find taking the piss out of our attendances funny? Even though they stopped being funny in 1986? They must really have shit, unfullfilled lives if they do. If they were an animal they would have put out of their misery a long time ago on humane grounds. Anyway, here’s a funnier joke : I’ve found a Leicester fan with a brain. Oh come on, it’s a bit more original……

Quotes: (1) “Why is it when you quote anything I say you never give my name?” – certain un-named Womble. No idea Mr F….. (2) “He should be kicked out of this club” – the bloke behind me on Voodoo (words to that effect anyway). Bit harsh, how would YOU feel if you were cursed in the same way as he was? (3) “P***r C**k, P***r C**k, P***r P***r C**k, they got no hair but he don’t care, P***r P***r C**k” – song on the way back about a certain WFC director. Name changed to protect the editor’s bank balance innocent from such scurrilous lies. I doubt if anyone would guess who it is about anyway.

Order Tramadol Online Prescription Be honest: I bet you were figuring out who was going to take the penalties 10 minutes before the end of ET. I hope TB was.

I hope……: …….that Angrymann isn’t dropped horribly like he was against Pompey in place for you-know-who. That would really make Paddy live up to his name of Angrymann…

Poncy: The bijou wine bar, sorry, pub near the ground which sold beer in straight glasses and felt like a yuppie hangout. Look, we only SING about nonce things like drinking champagne. We don’t actually LIVE that lifestyle. Well, I don’t……

So, was it worth going up there 3 times just to see 22 grown men kick around a pigs bladder for a cup-shaped piece of tin? Why, yes it was. And it only cost £5 to get in.

In a nutshell: Thank fuck that’s over.

So, who will we play in the 5th round if we beat Boro? Wycombe, believe it or not. At their place too. Sadly, Lawrie is starting to become a bit of a prick towards us. We all know his views on Dublin, and he held similar ones about MK too. But coming on TV and saying that he doubt if he’ll see us win anything else in his lifetime is motivation enough for me. Don’t you just hate it when former greats put the boot in? And some people would like to see him as WFC manager one day.

As is per usual on Sunday, transfer rumours abound a plenty. None coming into WFC of course, but the usual mass exodus going out, as per usual. This week : Mr 110% to Spurz on loan or Villa. JH to Spurz. And Damo to Soton for £1m. Somebody somewhere is really taking the piss.