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Shitbag Portsmouth stewards


Normally, I have no qualms about letting rip with my opinions about stuff. However, at this moment, I am currently exercising genuine restraint. Surprising, as today I saw some of the most disgusting and quite frankly fucking shit things at a football match (and believe me, I’ve watched games at Millwall, seen first hand racist abuse at Newcastle and coin throwing at Man City to name but two). But more on that later.

The game, namely Sailor Boys 2 Air Force 1 takes a back seat, but for those who want to know : we started off OK, JH started. Pompey got a pen, they scored. We hit back after a bit of a scramble with Euell. Then they hit a 30 yarder after some backing off from a corner and that was about it. We looked 1-dimensional again – something that seems to be a regular occurance with JH playing – and needless to say, he was getting some stick again.

That was the only thing really that was keeping people’s interest on the game. The main topic of conversation was of course the obscene treatment handed out by the stewards on WFC fans. Those there will testify what I mean, but a posting on my guestbook from “Frozen Don” sums the whole thing up better than I could (if the poster in question objects to me reposting it here, I will gladly remove it)

“What a bunch of cunts! So have Pompey finally got rid of the 657 crew by giving them jobs as ‘stewards’ then? Never seen anything like it at a Wimbledon game, and I hope I dont again. For those of you who didn’t go, the stewards started to eject people when the cocaine song was being sung

[SW19 note: I’m told that it was in fact the “Who Ate All The Pies” song aimed towards the fat bald and psychotic steward]

.. then just lost control and started dragging people out by the throat, the ear, saw a few punches and kicks going in and all round fuckin bedlam. The stewards looked like rent-a-mob doormen who hadn’t done the job before and were just up for a ruck.. which they got. This lasted for about 20 minutes in the first half and ended up with at least 2 Dons fans being treated by the St Johns Ambulance for injuries.

When a number of Dons fans went to find the police over the assults that were going on, there was one officer avaialable who refused to do anything. Apparaently Pompey had the game down for no police inside the ground. Finally a Pompey fan managed to persuade the copper to go and bring in his Sargent from outside the ground to assess the situation, but they refused to do anything more. David Barnard came into our end at half time after he’d been in discussions with the Pompey ground safety officer.

The second half all the stewards who’d kicked it all off were moved out of our end but no other action was taken. I’m too pissed off with the whole fucking day to write anymore, i’m sure everybody else will have something to say about this over the next few days. If you were there and you saw what went on then write to Pompey, Portsmouth Old Bill and Wimbledon and demand to know how this was allowed to happen, what action has been taken, what the CCTV showed up and why we treated like shit… 1 turnstile open for 2,000 (oh yeah they actually had another one open for advance ticket holders, all bloody 100 of em?) I’m off down the fucking pub now….. “

Few more things to add : firstly, the whole thing seemed a blur but in the words of a certain webmaster with a very lively guestbook “it all kicked off again”. There are unconfirmed reports that the two people primarily picked upon were in fact Brighton fans who were in our end supporting WFC, though why the fuck that should matter is anyone’s guess. Somebody thrown out was apparently grabbed by the eyes – you read that right – which was mentioned by somebody called Rob (not me) on Talksport.

Apparently WFC have made an official complaint to Portsmouth FC about the treatment of WFC fans in general, as a direct result of David Barnard having to physically intervene at HT. I saw what looked like one of the unfortunates limping pretty nastily. I certainly remember loads of scuffling, loads of stewarding (including a bluecoated female steward on the floor, how anyone resisted the temptation to stamp on her head I will never know).

The blue coated stewards apparently have the power of the police, because Hampshire constabulary don’t get involved with policing Pompey games any more (too expensive apparently – or too dangerous). And although I don’t tend to get involved with this sort of stuff, some people were asking the stewards, quite innocently, what occured and were threatened with ejection. I would like to wager that the team’s general lackluster performance was directly attributed to this series of incidents, after it happened the team certainly did not play well.

You will notice I’m using terms like “apparently” a lot, and basically keeping objective as far as possible for a WFC fan caught in the action. This is deliberate : I have a feeling that this could genuinely involve legal action (I would certainly hope so, if I was the guy with the limp I would be contacting my lawyer) and naturally I do not want to incriminate myself any more than I have to.

I have taken some pictures of the stewards who were being pointed out – sadly after the event – and I am assured that WFC will be in recipient of them soon enough. There is set to be a few general letters of complaint : I am likely to check one out in the forness of time, and apparently WISA may get involved. If you did see anything concrete, write.

As you have probably read, this is a serious thing that has happened today. I will say no more unless I know I can quanitify it in court, but suffice to say, I would rather be face to face with a member of the 657 Crew than a Pompey steward.