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Notts County off. Again. Published by REPD on 23 January 2001 notts_wfc_rain I swear that somebody somewhere is taking the piss. For those who don’t know, the Notts County game was called off at 7pm due to a waterlogged pitch (the picture above of a floodlit Meadow Lane, courtesy SW19 Action Shots Inc, complete with heavy precipitation tells the story).

Ambien Cr Generic Online So this is the second time that we’ve tried to play this game and the weather has got us. Methinks that all teams who play by rivers should be forced to move to stop pissing me off. Well, Al Fayed is trying exactly the same thing isn’t he? Yeah, I’m pissed off. Having heard that the game is called off just a mere 4 miles away from the ground is not fun. We’ll be trying yet again on Saturday, and with luck we may get a bigger following. To be fair, the weather was dire, and it had been raining for most of the afternoon, but surely the referee could at least call it off an hour earlier? Maybe this should be included in FA Rulings : matches involving teams less than 25 miles apart from each other must only be called off at a minimum 2 hours notice. It would certainly save un-necessary journeys. Anyway, I’m off to swear and curse now.

Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Oh, and a funny story/rumour has reached SW19 Towers that Fulham are considering banning WFC fans for the game at Craven Cottage in May. Why? To get people into their promotion party. Hmm, can’t see THAT working somehow, we could take 4000 easy ourselves, certainly in the top 3 of away attendances there (QPR and Palace would also take similar), and even if we were banned, I’m sure that some people will get in via other means…. Buy Ambien France