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This is our club wfc_pne1 First of all, an apology. I left my camera at home and therefore there are no pictures. So instead here’s a picture from Central Park in New York. I hope you appreciate it All right, enough sarcasm. Under normal circumstances, I should be whooping for joy about finally winning a “home” game ( Order Zolpidem Online Uk Bell End 3 North End 1), about it being a very one-sided game, for once in our favour, but typically I ain’t. Why? Because after the game probably the biggest demo I have ever seen involving WFC fans made a loud racket, chanting “10 Years Without A Ground” and making noise.

Purchase Ambien Online Canada There were between 1500-2000 who stayed behind afterwards, kudos to each and every one of you. Reports that David Barnard was standing at the front, earpiece firmly in place and trousers ready to be changed are unconfirmed, though I did see somebody who looked like him at the front. Whether such protests will have any effect I just don’t know. I fucking hope so, I don’t recall seeing as much passion about new grounds as the day we left Plough Lane.

I still maintain though that our real hopes for breakthrough is with the planned meeting with BRG. This meeting HAS to be positive, it HAS to get “our” fears, hopes and concerns over. Failure to do so will mean disaster for WFC. Not “should”, “could” or even “may”, but “will”. The opportunity is there, I don’t believe that BRG is as ignorant than Hammam, as I say, the very fact we’re getting a meeting with the top bod in such a difficult time is more than Hammam ever did, so the opportunity is there. Just make sure we take it. The match? Oh yeah. Plus points: Winning. At SP. Comprehensively. The protest afterwards, most people stayed behind. The players warming down afterwards and applauding us – yes, each and every one of us. Nobody played badly. Great performance by Euell. The return of Wild Thang. Minus points: Conceding a rather dumb goal. Injuries to Kelvin and Pecker – or were they assasination attempts?.

Truth is stranger than fiction: The whole day. I cannot recall a time when I have actually sat through a match not really bothered what the score is. As this report shows, I can’t really describe the match as there are more important things ATM to be getting on with. I guess most peoples mind were on the demos afterwards.

Ambien Buyers In Usa Lame: Getting CK to write the message from the chairman. We all know that it’s going to say the same as his official statement this week. Surely it would have been better to write it under BRG’s name, it would have hurt and would save a lot of aggro. Sadly, this is how fucked up WFC comms are. Even though CK’s comments are probably true and there isn’t as much to worry about as we think, it ain’t gonna get people on your side with the current approach

Even more lame: Well known West Brom fan Reg Davis’ “apology”. Claiming how “hurt” he is by people chanting “traitor” at him. Yes, well perhaps if you DIDN’T go on TV hinting what a great idea MK is you maybe wouldn’t get such grief. And repeating in the program that you don’t think that MK is either a good idea or a bad idea is likely to win you back support. Coincidentally, I fully know that Davis is a Wolves fan – hey, if he thinks it’s great to deliberately go out and annoy people, I can do the same. We should have got rid of this dinosaur 15 years ago – we definitely need to get shot of him now before he does more damage.

Definitely not so lame: TB saying that he never said that he wanted MK, and in print as well. Given that R&G are concentrating most on the welfare of the playing staff, this holds much more weight than maybe even any of us could muster. Methinks we have a very good ally in TB.

AWOL: JH. In his own executive box today.

Was it worth it? Yes, definitely. There’s a club we have to fight for, and most people seemed to have had the same idea. The powers-that-be definitely know our feelings now. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Who knows? My gut feeling is that there is – seriously. Witness CK saying that any relocation has to be feasible and acceptable to all. Olive branch?

Oh, and in amongst all this – JH deal is likely to be called off. Who says? TB. In a nutshell, Coventry offered £2.5m for him plus Cedric Roussel and we’ve basically told them to fuck off. Well, actually, TB has told Coventry to “restructure” the deal. In other words, pay us the £5m before you start fobbing us off with players you don’t want. It was pointed out to me that if a straight cash deal was to go ahead then the money WOULDN’T go into TB’s transfer fund, hence the desire for a player swap deal, but then he has had money to sign people like Darren Holloway…….