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A great bucket of shit

Fuck me, I go away for a couple of days and it all explodes into life. Moves, non-moves, transfers, denials. And I think we also played a game sometime. Oh well. Instead of repeating verbatim about everything that you can certainly read elsewhere, I’ll give my $0.02 on various subjects from where I see it.

MILTON KEYNES: Yeah, it’s still a shit story no matter how (un)likely it seems. From various private conversations I’ve read about, it seems the following is most probably true : the club were shown a very nice presentation about MK and said how nice it was. Immediately, it suddenly gets blown up to “WFC are going to MK” and we all know the fallout. Various people who work for WFC who hint that it might be a good idea are immediately slaughtered – take a bow Mr Davis – and even BRG gets to feel the anger without leaving Oslo. It also seems that the residents of MK aren’t actually that enamoured about a major football club (well, us) turning up on their doorstep : there was a Milton Keynes United non-league team not so long ago which went bust due to lack of interest. Northampton Town also were considering moving to MK but didn’t due to lack of interest. Hmm.

PROTESTS: The one at Notts County went down very well, apparently. Press and club tried to play the numbers down, those actually there claim more than 1000 were there. CK in a statement today said something to the effect of “please stop protesting against MK”. You can take this as a Hammanesque act of defiance (complete with yellow streak on full show), or you can take it as a “we’re not really going to MK, chill” approach. I personally reckon that the club have (privately) got cold feet about MK and realise that they can’t do it without somebody getting lynched. Pleaing against protesting won’t work of course : another, more general (“10 Years Without A Ground”) protest is occuring against PNE on Saturday. Expect more of the same. The protest was going to go ahead anyway, but the MK stuff has given an edge to it (and, dare I say, awoken people from their slumber?). The major difference between this and Dublin (apart from the fact that the owners are much more willing to meet the fans – if you don’t believe me look back to how Hammam ever so suddenly went AWOL over Dublin) is that whilst we were fighting against Dublin, this time round we’re fighting for something.

WFC: BRG is going to meet a WISA delegation in the last week of January to clear the air. He’ll also be writing in the program against PNE. Should be interesting. Methinks that such a meeting will also concentrate on the lack of communication the club seems to have. I will say this about the current structure of WFC : K&R working from Norway shouldn’t be a problem if WFC is run properly in the first place. If you disagree and reckon that companies should be run “locally”, ask yourself how multi-nationals survive. But as WFC is so poorly run – and the fact that the owners aren’t maybe closely involved enough to make a difference – then it’s no wonder we’re still falling way behind in the PR stakes. Also, Merton Council have issued a rather nice pro-WFC statement, you can read it elsewhere but again this is more in the positive column.

WISA: Plenty of people wanting to join WISA over all this, I know at least 6 people who are asking me how to join. I’m sure you know plenty too.

TRANSFERS: Latest on John Hartson – according to the Coventry chairman, fees have been agreed for the Lagered Up One and all they have to do now is arrange Hartson’s terms and a suitable payoff for Barnett. TB clearly wants rid of him, he’s never said “no” to anybody trying to come in for him certainly, and if we can get the biggest drain of our resources off our backs we’ll be fine. Also, Gayle is still wanted by Newk. Fuck knows why. Not that I believe that losing both of them is any reason to start committing suicide..

MATCHES: Oh, you mean there were some? Didn’t see Notts County, but I’m told it was good attacking and shock defending. As usual. And the reserves lost 5-1 tonight. And it was bloody cold

Anyway, that’s me up to speed I hope. Now, let’s get busy…..