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Fallout from yesterday : very few papers reported on the protest yesterday, those who did got the figures disgustingly wrong. One paper said “hundreds”, the other gave it as low as 350. Add another “0” to that and you’ll get closer.

We do have an ally against MK, and it’s a good one : one TB. He said “the fans want what we want”. Now, from the players point of view, many if not most of them are settled in this part of London. The old joke that away games will be nearer than home game may be a bit closer to the truth than first feared. Additionally, I think that TB knows that if MK is still going by the time the new season starts – or even before – he will have to play a team in front of very low crowds indeed. Remember his earlier comments this season about how he needs the crowd to pump the team up?

JH is still at WFC, Cedric Roussel has said that he doesn’t want to drop a division. His loss. Coventry basically need an extra £1m for him, and given their current financial shit, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ginger twat (I’m referring to Strachan this time) doesn’t get it.

One final thing, check out “articles”….