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Up North

Quicker than the OS, courtesty of SW19 and Compaq – Northern Shithole 0 Southern Delight 0 was a very good result. No, make that very good. No real shots on goal for us, but our defense was sublime and solid (thanks to one KC telling the others what to do), and our midfield tried effortless. Back to the other Shitehole for replaying next Tuesday. Oh goody. No idea what the crowd will be etc, but at least we earnt this.

Anyway, shall we? It’s been so fucking long since I did a match report I’ve almost forgotten what to put in……

Plus points: We didn’t lose. We didn’t conceed a goal. Away. Against a Prem side. Most snuffed out the Boro attack. Kelvin’s saves, both were sublime. World class even. The away support – very well received.

Minus points: Jason Euell didn’t play well at all – has he snorted his first touch into oblivion? Put ourselves under the cosh quite a bit by giving the ball away. Referee was a cunt.

Ugly points: The Boro pitch. I’ve seen more green concrete wastelands. And no, I don’t mean Middlesbrough town centre

Dump: Middlesbrough. See below for further info, but the place has not changed much since 1988. Trust me.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The amount of litter on the pitch. I guess Bryan Robson’s new job under Vegetables is clearing the litter. He fucks that up as well. (2) 4 supporters coaches? Oh yeah, they were free. (3) Finding out that the wasteland around the Riverside…. sorry, BT Cellnet Riverside stadium was really supposed to be built on, but the local council have rejected such proposals. And you thought it only applied to Merton Council……(4) The realisation that this was a Prem fixture only last year. (5) The realisation that the same fixture 24 years ago was top flight vs non league. Worth putting into prospective.

Quotes:(1) “He’s not having a very good game is he?” – not named Womble on Jason Euell. And we were singing his praises recently…… (2) “He’s fat, he’s round, he steals a million pounds, Venables…” – somewhat legally suspect chant from our lot. You do realise he’s destroyed the evidence by now…. (3) “If I don’t say anything you’re going to run out of things to write” – CU-NW (guess) to me at half time. Oh yeah, Mr Fox……

See the shit I put up with?:
Some certain people were talking behind me behind my back on the supporters coach. Oh yes you were. I know. And no, I’m not rattled. Or pissed. Or paranoid. Much……

Nice: (1) The radio said we were making the noise in the game. (2) “Defiant Dons Shut Out Middlesbrough” – Teletext headline. That’s more like it…..

Vicious rumour: JH is not thought highly of at all by the younger players……

So, was it worth a 5 hour journey via Harrogate in wet, cold and windy conditions to a Northern Dump? Yeah, suppose so 🙂

In a nutshell: Nice one…..