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JH, MK and more

Published by REPD on 9 February 2001

Well, it’s only been 24 hours since he left and still the JH transfer abounds. The question is, how much did we let him go for? Most papers are saying we let him go for nowt, although the Telegraph say we did receive an initial fee of £500k for him. Plus the pay-per-match basis. So, most people think this is an appauling deal. I disagree – yes, we’ve lost about 95% of his original value on him, but that’s not WFC’s fault. We did try to get a decent sum for him, and when you consider that the alternative would have been for him to sit out his contract (what – you mean you believe that a club would have paid £5m for him in the summer? Yeah, and I’m an organ transplant officer at Alder Hey hospital) then this is the only way we could have done it. Assuming the Telegraph is correct, we’ll basically recoup last years wages on him. Forget the £7m, there was too much iffyness going on with that for us to ever get it back (thought: did KIR ever pay that “bridging loan” which ultimately forced SH out? If not, where did the dough come from?). We’ll just write this whole sorry episode off – there’s bigger fish to fry..

Ambien Ordering Speaking of which – the ESS ran a bit of a scaremongering story today about MK (in their printed edition – funnily enough not on their online edition). Basically, it’s reporting on BRG stepping down as chairman – not a big deal, as said yesterday – but they keep on saying that MK is “key” to CK’s plans. No direct quotes or anything, which is always a sign, and this is the same paper that once had a backpage headline of “West Bromwich Dons”, but still enough to put you on your guard. Now, two things : one, haven’t the league already blocked MK? Didn’t CK himself say to WISA that he did go and see the MK presentation, had some nice cucumber sandwiches, found it impressive but didn’t think it was “right” for WFC? Secondly, and just as importantly, won’t the WFC board reject it even if CK wants it? The board – which ever since SH left has found a reason for existing – have come out and practically said it will be blocked. Well, two of its most prominent members have anyway. And given that the board have had to pass selling JH and getting TB in, I would imagine that something like a new site would go through them as well. I have heard one person say to me that if WFC wanted MK, they could go through the courts and challenge the league through “restraint of trade”. I disagree (tonight’s catchphrase BTW) – firstly, it will take too long anyway. Secondly, there would be too many legal challenges from fans and the league itself to make it worthwhile. And thirdly, and probably most importantly, WFC are basically part of the league “club”. In other words, they have to abide by their rules if they want to stay in it. And there aren’t enough allies of such a move from other clubs that would force the FL to change their mind. The moral to all this is to keep alert just in case but don’t get paranoid about MK : too much negativity could force the club to remain at SP forever. And who wants that?

One other annoying thing about the ESS article which probably indicates how inaccurate it is anyway : it mentions words to the effect that the hardcore WFC support would not welcome such a more business orientated approach. Funny how most people I speak to (most unsolicited) want a far better marketing, PR and all round better admin approach from WFC. Remind me to buy the Sport in future – the quality of journalism is the same as the ESS, the accuracy is the same as the ESS, but at least the Sport features relatively decent looking females. Coincidentally, I’ve now found out who Mattias Hauger is and what he does. He’s going to be developing our commercial side, something which SW19 can only cheer about. He’s done a pretty good job sorting out the powerboat racing circuit, let’s hope he can do something similar with Wimbledon Football Club

Ansah Owusu is on loan to Bristol Rovers for a month, to get first team experience. Definitely can’t hurt. OGEM bashing time. Juvenile, but he really does line himself up to be shot down doesn’t he? Firstly, Luton are paying him £0.5m per year or something dumb. Secondly, he’s already acting like a cunt – claiming that he’s the manager, saying that his position of “Director Of Football” is only a name and the current Luton boss “works for him”. Hardly likely to win friends and influence people. Thirdly, he claims that the WFC board never gave him much transfer money. So, I suppose the JH deal came straight out of his pocket. Dear oh dear…. Finally, Palace have got a new Jumbotron up to show replays of stuff etc. We’re not allowed to use it – only the scoreboard – because [officially] we never paid for it, and [more truthfully] we were never invited to use it. So, if any players are watching, during the warmup (or even during the game if we’re 5-0 up or it’s shite), please aim a few piledrivers towards it, and break it. I will personally pay any player £10 who achieves it…