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Manic Wednesday


Hoorah – we’ve done the double over somebody for about the first time in 300 years. Trouble 4 T’Wednesday 1 was a bit of sweet reward for the corresponding fixture last year, in keeping with the horrific stuffing we gave them this year up at Hillsborough. We were 2-0 up in 10 minutes, through Trond and Euell. However, as sure as night follows day, as sure as eggs are eggs, as sure…… that’s enough, Effin scored. Why does that always happen to us? Got a little bit hairy for a great deal of the first half, but after the break we asserted our dominance. A Beresford OG made it 3-1 before a fantastic solo goal by Trond sealed off a great performance. And all this without our former star player. You know, the more I think of it, the better we play without him. Certainly the team think so…..

Anyway, inwards and upwards:

Plus points: A win. A good win. At SP for once. Nobody played badly. Excellent play by Angrymann, the raving TB did about him after the game was well justified. Made Sheff Wed really look like the bottom team at times. Solid defensive performance – doubtless the return of one Sir Kenneth of Cunningham was a major factor. Some of the fluency of play was sublime.

Minus points: Letting in that goal. Slight lack of atmosphere at times. Mind you, I think that was down to…..

Yuk: The weather. Cold, wet, miserable, need I go on?

Yuk x2: The SP pitch. Further proof that when two teams play on it, the owner of the ground is a crook and the coveter of the ground is a spivvy wide boy who sells stolen mobile phones, you’ll always play in a bog.

The biggest waste of dough since you-know-who: The much lauded Palace Jumbotron, as seen on the picture above. Cost £1m, though we weren’t asked to contribute to it. Just as well, as it’s the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. Do you think they could put a clock on it? Or at least make it readable? Further proof that you can’t polish a turd.


Speaking of total wastes of money: Effin Ekoku. Twat.

Funny: The Sheff Wed fan who nearly got nicked for carrying a huge inflatable Chupa Chumps (or whatever their sponsor is called) lollypop into their end.

We can be but thankful for small mercies: At least the SP Gestapo did us all a favour and banned that fucking annoying Sheff Wed band. Soccer AM can’t get enough of that band though, which says it all.

Quotes: (1) “Who needs John Hartson?” – great section of the WFC crowd after we went 4-1 up. Hey, they said it…… (2) “Do you remember 5-0?” – us to the Wednesday crowd. Doubtless retorts of “5-1” went conveniently unheard. (3) “Going down with the Rangers” – us to Wednesday crowd again. Have last year’s humiliations been that much of a burden on our psyche?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Last year, this was a Premiership game. Though with a much better result. (2) Haven’t Sheff Wed done this season what most expected us to do instead?

Oops: The WFC FITC banner by the side of the Holmesdale with John Hartson still on it.

Tosser: Paul Jewell. No reason. And it’s nothing to do with Bradford City. Honest.

Worth it?: Nah………… 🙂

In a nutshell: Wombles are back.