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Rotten Boro


Woohoo – FA Cup upset or what? Nationwide 3 Premiership 1 was quality. So quality in fact that it’s well past the midnight hour and I’m as hyper as I was the minute I left the Shithole. Anyway, must calm down. Oh fuck it, no I can’t. This was brilliant : true, we went 1-0 down just before HT, complete with Paul Ince attempting to large it (watch how he ran off as soon as we responded), but a PENALTY by Ardley, then strikes by Jason and one Johnny Hunt – the very man himself – capped off a superb performance. The crowd was up for it, the players were up for it, the whole event was, well…….

Anyway, on with it:

Plus points: Abridged – we won. Good. Very good. Against Prem opposition. Against Prem opposition who hadn’t been beaten in a while. Excellent performances from everyone. Wayne Gray looked cool. Neil Ardley looked sublime. Our defense looked the dog’s testicles – since when did Boro have a shot on goal apart from their goal? The way that we came back after going 1-0 down. The way we kept pressing after 1-1. The second half performance through to the final whistle AET was the best I have seen from any WFC team for well over a decade.

Minus points: Conceeding a goal. Nasty injury to Damo.

Cunt: The ref. Those there will know what I mean

200% Cunt: Paul Ince. Paul “Loudmouth” Ince. Allegedly got slung out of Man U for slapping around youth team players (literally). Calls himself the “Guvnor” – nobody else does. Likes to pretend he’s hard, but really has the biggest yellow streak of any pro footballer I’ve ever seen

Watch out Lennox Lewis: The punch landed on Mark Williams by the Boro player. Actually, it was a well executed southpaw, and had it been in a boxing ring instead of a football field, it would have been worth a knockdown. Shame he got sent off for it (ha ha)

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Boro were unbeaten under Venables before now. (2) The long queue for the Wycombe tickets. Which is why this report is being written in the early hours of Valentine’s Day. (3) The price of Wycombe tickets. £20. This had better be bloody worth it. (4) Meeting many on-line Wombles, including one Marko Glynno………

Quote: “That guy has forgotten to take his anti-twat pills this evening” – a very well known WFC internet guru. Obviously took them at half time.

Watch out…..: …….if you’re Wycombe.

So, was it worth it? Really? Nah, not really……….

In a nutshell: Reminded me of what a real Womble should be.