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Kent buy me love


Well that was a really awe inspiring trip down to Kent I don’t think. Pikeys 0 Pokeys 0 was so close to throwing up that bizzare sort of game called “end-of-season fare” that I swear the season was over already. Ever since Wild Thang departed on Saturday I think we’ve given up play-off berths. No bad thing IMO, but still it would be nice to actually get a few more wins under our belt.

Now, if you actually expecting some sort of report on the match, don’t trouble. As the picture to your left shows, I could see fuck all. Just as well, according to those over 5 ft 6″ tall and with better memories than me…


Plus points: Not losing. Or conceding a goal

Minus points: Not winning. Or scoring a goal

Yuk: The weather

Yuk x2: Gillingham. One big caravan park

Truth is stranger than fiction: Hearing the immortal lines from Up The Junction by Squeeze : “I never thought it would happen with me and the girl from Clapham, out on the windy common, that night I ain’t forgotten”. Immortal, because at the time said lyrics were being broadcast, we were on the road by Clapham Common. And it was windy. And it was night. No girls though.

Step back in time: Some people love terracing and hate modern all-seater stadia. After today, and Saturday, I say that the sooner they flatten the remaining terraces and put something remotely more habitable in its place, the better.

Worth it?: Well, I did get to go to Gillingham, which works out at something like my 58th or 59th league ground. Other than that, not really.

In a nutshell: I paid £13 for this?