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Nuts and bolts Before I start, this will the last ever posting of SW19’s ARMY. I’ve decided that I’ve had enough and will close down the site this time tomorrow. It’s been a good 18 months of doing it, it’s gotten me some great pleasure and (occasional) abuse, and…………………………….. Yeah, it’s an April Fool joke. I’m not planning on closing the site down just yet, he he. Although this ain’t an April Fools joke – I’ll update the archive some time when I have a spare few hours. In 2002. bolton_wfc1 Trotters 2 Cloven Hooves 2, although to be totally honest it was a smash and grab raid and then some. Probably our worst performance since Watford away, although that was at the very beginning of the year so it’s quite a good run of form. Haven’t read any reports so I’ll just say that we only had about 4 shots on target and scored with two of them. Bolton did MUCH more running than we did and probably should have won. But hey, who cares? I don’t. They scored first with a free kick, but we hit back almost immediately with our first attempt on goal in about the 26th min. Yup, you read that right. We played a bit better second half, but poor marking led to that evil elbowing larynx-smashing thug Hendry to net. Sooper Cooper (goals are gonna find him) hit the post, then in the 94th minute or so Sooper had a shot and went in the net. Via a MAJOR deflection from the Caledonian throat destroyer. Ha. And everyone went home happy, well we did anyway….

Buy Cheap Tramadol Cod Onto the action: Plus points: We didn’t lose. The way we hit back for the first goal immediately shows the difference between this and the last few seasons. Promising debut for Neilsen (who I’m told looks like Ali G in his big puffa coat, hopefully we’ll be spared the phony ebonics associated with Mr G, but I’m not holding my breath) and Sooper. Some good saves from KD. Minus points: We didn’t win. Too many times we looked lethargic. Defense got taken a part a bit too much for my liking. Not too sure about Andy Roberts and Neil Ardley still. bolton_wfc2 Twats: (1) Colin Hendry. Sarcastically clapped us when we were taking him to task for his horrific assault on a San Marino player. Bet if he did that in the street to someone (the elbowing) he’d be in the local slammer quicker than you could say “reconstruction throat surgery”. (2) The somewhat enebriated Man Shitty fan on the train coming back. Lofty lookalike. Kept on thinking we were Palace and singing that WFC were going down. Also kept referring to Man U as “Munichs”, very tasteful. (3) I’m sure certain other people can fill me in far better here, but there was an incident outside the ground that shows the mentality of some accidents of birth. Basically, a couple of Bolton twats started on a group of us, one of our number got a split lip. However, the “best” is yet to come – this foot-and-mouth candidate started on the female of the group, who beckoned him to “hit me”. Instead of doing so, the Bolton spasmo ran off to the nearest copper and complained that he was being threatened by a woman. Dear oh fucking dear…….

Quotes: (1) “The trains going to Auzwich move faster than this” – politically incorrect Womble on the upward journey when we were crawling past Crewe. (2) “I’m going to start a website and start quoting you on it” – you-know-who. I wouldn’t advise it – you’d be closed down within a week on legal advice 🙂 (3) “They’ve had a two week layoff and they’re sluggish” – same politically incorrect Womble. Admittedly there DOES seem to be a major league problem with attitudes to fitness. Why?

Tramadol Overnight Delivery Mastercard Truth is stranger than fiction: Being on a Virgin train that ran on time and got in more-or-less into Euston when it was supposed to. You may need to read that again to fully appreciate this.

Tramadol Buy Australia Nice: The cheeseburger and chips from Angelo’s Cafe by Manchester Piccadilly. Mmmm. Not so nice: (1) The lack of football pinky in Manchester on a Saturday evening. What other major city doesn’t publish a sports paper after Saturday football, especially a big city where lots of people may be coming back from matches and may appreciate reading reports? Apart from London? (2) The doner kebab from the same establishment as mentioned above (photo on request). At least I know what happens to the carcasses of all the slain sheep and cows now. So, was it worth it? I guess so. In a nutshell: Who’s up for Wolves?