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Published by REPD on 25 March 2001

The more astute of you may well have gathered that I’ve been very quiet this week. For that, I can only apologise : I’ve been snowed under this week, and by the time it comes to updating, I’ve usually been so knackered that I can’t bring myself to do anything. Also, as it’s international week, there really hasn’t been much worth writing about. With luck, “normal” service should resume either late this week or earlier next week.

Order Tramadol Discount Anyway, not much to report : this week was transfer d-day, and we got David Neilsen and Matthew Booth for not much money. Neilsen is a striker, a permanent signing, he’s a striker and he chose us over Grimsby because “Grimsby are a more direct side”. Ha ha. Booth is on trial until the end of the season, he was recommended by CK, who gave a tape to TB who liked the look of him, and then offered him a go with us. He’s a CB by trade and he’s 6 ft 6. So we’ll need air traffic control whenever we play him. Neither of them are bank breakers, but quite frankly, when you consider that we paid £2.5m for shite like Roberts in the past, are you really that sorry?

Order Tramadol Overnight Shipping Nothing going on ground wise, I do still hear the occasional MK story going on. These do however go against official statements made by all interested parties, so it really depends on who you are prepared to believe. As ever, you have to keep a bit vigilant just in case, though I wonder how much of it is innuendo? Probably a lot more than you think. I honestly doubt if it is worth losing sleep over…..

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Oh, and in the words of Jimmy Hill, have you put your cocks back?