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Burnt ambition Published by REPD on 10 April 2001

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Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee THUMP!!!!!! Was that the sound of our season crashing tonight? Not quite, but Puke Colour 0 Clarets 2 bought us back to earth quicker than you could say “defensive frailties”. I don’t think I need to repeat what happened in the game, needless to say we were 2-0 down at half time, Trond and Kelvin went off through knocks – WFC are doing our own form of squad rotation ATM – and for only the second time a team has done the double over us this season. Other than that, it was probably one of those games – before tonight we have been unbeaten in open play since Pompey away, since then JH has left, KC, Hughes and Ainsworth (twice) have come back, Darren Holloway has started to look good, Wu Tang is looking sharp and Cooper and Neilsen are now wearing WFC colours. So no wrist slitting exercises please….

On with the post mortum: Plus points: None. We didn’t even fucking score.

Buying Ambien Cr Online Minus points: Oh dear, where shall I start? Nobody played well at all, far too much loose passing, no obvious penetration, Roberts and Ardley looked crap (and were getting some stick as well), is that enough? No? OK then – both Burnley goals were soft as shite and why did we play arial tonight when the smallest Burnley player was 6 ft 2? Is there anything remotely positive from tonight?: Yeah, the realisation that maybe the playoffs AREN’T a formality. Yeah, I treat that as positive, especially when you consider this…..

Quotes: “They [WFC] showed that they’re not good enough for the playoffs” – my dad. If you think tonight was a comedown, just imagine the low we’d get if we got to the playoffs and lost. Truth is stranger than fiction: Out of our remaining games this season, only one team – Foolham – can do the double over us. And what’s even more strange, we can do the double over at least 3 teams.

So was it worth…… oh, forget it: Urm…….. In a nutshell: The next 14 game unbeaten run starts Saturday