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Something in reserve


Well, after yesterday’s debacle, I decided tonight to partake in some real football. Well, I went to the reserves anyway. And what a humdinger it was – we beat Derby 2-0 with strikes from Dessie Byrne (penalty) and somebody called McMuff. Or McAnuff. Or something. Anyway, it was good play from TB’s favourite youngster, the Exciting Lionel Morgan (hey, that’s a cool nickname if ever I saw one).

So what? Well, firstly, major thanx to Mags for the use of her digicam and especially the mass of floppy disks I got through. Beats the shit out of the SW19 Digital Instamatic certainly. Secondly, this was practically major upset city : we are currently bottom (or were bottom) of the FA Prem Reserves whilst Derby were, well, top. Yup, top.


Thirdly, we didn’t have a bad side out : with the absence of a team sheet in front of me, we had Lionel Morgan, Michael Thomas, Ian Selley, Des Byrne, Matt Booth (looks promising), Voodoo and the cult figure Carl Leaburn playing. Who disturbingly always looks happy.

Overall, it’s not a bad team. I can’t really see Thomas or Selley making the grade at WFC again, and I think this has to be Leaburn’s level, but Lionel and Dessie should be first teamers next season if we don’t go up. As for Matt Booth, he did nothing wrong. Showed some good touches, good in the air, if we keep him on he could be a very useful aquisition. If you’ve never gone to a reserve game before, they’re good fun. If you have an ST, you get in for nowt, the bar’s nice and the clientele are, well, lively. We’re playing Celsi there next week. Be there or be a cubular shaped object