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Barnsley chop


Good fucking grief, do I really have to do a report on Stockbroker Belt 1 Not Working Yorkshire Miners 1? Oh, I see. Well, to be honest, I think we should forget about the playoffs now. Today was one of those sort of games I never thought existed any more : file under “end of season fare”, except that both teams still can reach playoffs. On our performance certainly, if we did get into the playoffs and got promoted, we’d be relegated by about December. OK, enough cynicism, our goal was scored by Gareth Ainsworth following a good cross by Neil Ardley. Who did fuck all else. No, I’m being unkind, he wasn’t the only one who did fuck all else. Most of them just look mentally out of it, guess the season has finally caught up with them. And no amount of squad rotation will hide it.

If I really have to continue (you can tell I don’t really want to write this), here’s the SP:

Plus points: We scored. We didn’t lose

Minus points: We didn’t win. And nobody played well at all.

Most apt name for an opposition player: Dyer by name, dire by nature. Special mention goes to ex-Palace player Neil Shitley. Sorry, Shipperley.

Cunt: The ref. What an absolute joke. Those there will know what I mean when I say that Stevie Wonder could have done better.

Truth is stranger than fiction: Well, I would say me actually bothering to write a report on such turgid shit, but then that’s being cynical. Anyway, the fact that this very game sneaked up on me today is strange enough – I totally forgot it was on until 12.30pm. Sadly, I don’t think things got any better.

Excuses Quotes: TB blamed the pitch, saying “I’ve invited Man U down to have a decent game on this pitch”.

Still, could be worse: We could be Palace, and lose 4-1 at Sheff Weds.

Was it worth it? Debatable.

In a nutshell: Pity the poor KFAQ brigade……