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Sheff Utd preview

Right, brief update before I swan off to Sheff Utd this evening : should be an unchanged team from Saturday, with luck they’ll figure that games are there to be won. It’s generally considered that if we lose tonight, the playoffs are over for this season. Even if we do win, they’re still a tall order. But hey, who gives a fuck? We’ve done far better this season than many expected, so anything else is, as CK/BRG say, a bonus. Personally, I think that it’s no big deal if we don’t go up, because we can blood some more players for the rest of this season and – most importantly – the pressure will be off.

Some interesting comments from Wild Thang, more or less reiterating the above. But he seemed to make a swipe at Neil Ardley, mentioning something about those players who want to leave wishing they’d have stayed. Shame I don’t have the original quote on me, it was pretty interesting.

Site news : in case you don’t read the guestbook, I’m going to be away AGAIN in the USA, this time from 27 April to the 11 May. So I’m missing the last 3 games of the season. A couple of people have expressed interest in writing articles, if so, I want them by the 25 April AT THE VERY LATEST. Like fuck am I going to publish anything when I’m away, so get them in PDQ. When I come back, I’ll be doing the EOSP, which if nothing else will keep me busy during the summer months. I’m also awaiting the planned pre-seasons, but I bet that we’ll play at least 3 of the following : Yeovil, Torquay, Plymouth, Exeter, Sutton, Kingstonian, Swindon, Bournemouth. And all the long ones will be in the evening as well. And I’ve also updated the links page. Forward all complaints to the usual address….

Report tomorrow AM.