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Hello again everybody – I’m back from my latest Quest For World Domination (TM) and returning to life in front of a 17″ Sony. Such is life. Mega thanx once again to JC for filling in my size 7 USs, muchos appreciatos

Anyway, since I’ve been gone a lot has gone on. Perhaps too much has gone on, so I’ll put down what coherant thoughts I have left before I forget it all :

– QPR MERGER : To be honest, as soon as I heard it, I thought nothing of it because I figured it would die as soon as it came. And I was proved right. It’s a shame that it resulted in CK getting a legit death threat, that could well have set back club/fan relationships back a long way (though as it turns out, didn’t). Now, some may question why the two parties met three times if there was no merger on the cards. Well, they could have met on other stuff, like transfers, and merger talk came up with at least one of them. And if we sign a QPR player this summer then this theory would be proved right. Some still don’t have the trust, which is unfortunate. Again, I will keep putting this down to the Post Hammam Syndrome, where anything even remotely untowards is treated with suspicion, distrust and indeed paranoia. And will clearly take a while to shift

– THE GROUND : AFAIK, the latest situation is this – Merton have said they’ll give us an answer within 8 weeks with regards to sites where WFC could place a new stadium. Although it now appears that answers could be as forthcoming as early as next week. Which makes me believe that CK has a site up his sleeve already and is using this as a “shit on the pot or get off” device. Don’t believe me? OK, why have Merton suddenly jumped into life? Because there’s an election coming up? Because of merger talk?

We’ve had exactly both situations before and nothing substancial came about during that, so I think there’s more to it this time (and I don’t mean the fact that Merton are absolutely fucked with regards leadership and other things). Now, I have no idea where this new site could be, but after the QPR/MK things, don’t expect it to be too far away from London SW19 – a third fuckwit scheme would really damage CK. Time will doubtlessly tell with regards to what is available and what we want to do with it (WFC will want to make revenue to fund it, though promisingly it doesn’t need to be actually on any stadium site) – we will know where we stand before the new season starts, and this is probably the most significant breakthrough since leaving in 1991.

– MICK HARFORD LEAVING : oh boo hoo hoo. I’m so sad. Waaah. OK, enough sarcasm. The cull is continuing, and this time the coaching staff are on their way. He was good as a player for us, but on the coaching staff he was short of useless. Unless you liked looking at his thighs (so the female populace keep telling me) or dishing out freebies he didn’t seem to have much purpose. Oh, he was a “motivator”. Hmm, worked well I don’t think. It was clear that he was too chummy with the Booze Clique at WFC, various stories I’ve heard point to that, and you could probably bet Simon Jordan’s wrist watch that he’ll end up at Luton. With OGEM no doubt, and David Kemp as well, so they can recreate that dream 1998 lineup. Although given their record against teams in lower divisions, they’ll be fighting relegation next season.

Also, don’t expect REMBE to hang around as well, not if the bright lights of studios come a calling…..

– ON THE PITCH : ur, don’t ask me 🙂 Looks like the youngsters are bedding in nicely, though TB is clearly going for reinforcements. After a shaky start his signings look to be settling down and this record may open the pursestrings a little bit more. Links with Matt Lockwood of Leyton Orient seem strong, he’s a LB which is good, and people like Sean Newton and Kevin Lisbie are also named players. TB wants and indeed expects auto promotion next season. Possible? Perhaps, a decent start this time would propel us nicely, though even so I still reckon that playoffs are our best bet next season.

– AND FINALLY….. : the mascot. Fat fucker isn’t he? Looks pretty namby pamby from the photos as well, though if he starts smacking opposition players and starts antagonising Palace fans, I for one will welcome him with open arms. And a face mask.

More later. If there’s anything.