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Canary yellow and blue


With relegation and promotion not an issue for either side, it was no great surprise when this game finished Five Fingers 0 Six Fingers 0. A chance to blood some of the promising youngsters at Wimbledon? Well, the likes of Neal Ardley cannot really be described as this. Instead, we were treated to a fairly unadventurous strong Wimbledon team, though missing Super Kelv, Sir Kenneth, and Hughsie.  This was a fairly scrappy encounter in all honesty, with the odd decent move, and a spot of argey bargey on more than one occasion. Chances were few and far between, with the closest attempts including a Euell offside goal, and a Norwich player firing over from two yards out. So the last game of the 2000/2001 season comes and goes, in a manner reminiscent of the 0-0 draws we all witnessed at the beginning of the season.

Anyway …

Plus points: We didn’t concede. Good games for Gier and Williams at the back, especially bearing in mind the absence of Sir K of C. We finished the season in 8th position, ahead of Watford. The new mascot. Williams came close to decking a Norwich player.

Minus points: We didn’t score, hence nor did we win. It was a fairly scrappy game. Palace avoided relegation by a single point – those jammy fuckers. Just wait for next season Jordan you c**t. A fairly piss-poor attendance IMO.

Quotes: 1) “What’s it like to fuck your mum? What’s it like to …” Wimbledon fans in response to some bollocks that the inbred Norwich supporters were chanting. 2) “Portsmouth are winning 2-0!” The bloke who announced this score about ten minutes after everyone knew about it, and had been singing about it. Unlucky mate. 3) “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!” My response to hearing that Palace had scored. 4) “It didn’t help them pushing us all the time.” Norwich player outside the ground after the game, obviously talking about the reactions from a number of Wimbledon players, to some shite tackles by Norwich.

Truth is stranger than fiction: Our new mascot. For those of you who don’t know, we’ve finally got ourselves an official mascot. It’s a womble. It’s a fucking big womble. It hasn’t got a name yet (I believe there’s a competition or vote to decide this – my vote’s with ‘Wandle’ the womble). Oh, and it’s got a bad-boy bop.

What the fuck?: Terry Burton continues to play Ardley ahead of Ainsworth. OK, Ardley’s been a great servant to the club, and his passion cannot be questioned. But for the good of the team, Ainsworth must play ahead of Ardley.

The response to the merger: Fans – various songs, the distribution of posters, throwing of season tickets onto the pitch, another sit-in protest. Koppell – as well as meeting with a number of supporter representatives prior to the game, Koppell also addressed the 2000-3000-strong Wimbledon protest after the game. Basically, he said that the merger was QPR’s idea, it isn’t going to happen, and that we will have a definitive response from Merton (regarding finding us a new home), in two months time.

In a nutshell: A fairly lame end to a promising season. So now it’s pre-season to look forward to … better book your ticket to the west country then! Though I have heard we may be playing Brentford at Griffin Park.

Was it worth it?: Ermm … would have been better if we’d had a pitch invasion 😉