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Cool for Ks

Published by REPD on Rx Tramadol Online 25 June 2001 Bit of good news? Maybe – WFC announced that they were going to play reserve and women’s team games at Kingstonian instead of GGL starting from next season. This is to get away from the utterly shite pitch at GGL primarily. It means that we’ve kicked Celsi out of there, so much so that we’ve even forced the abandonment of the annual Ks vs Celsi walkover. Good news in itself, but today’s press release goes a little bit deeper: “We wanted to be involved with a Nationwide League Club that wants to work with us, and Wimbledon FC is the ideal partner. They have been tremendously positive about this association with the K’s and we are both keen to develop joint initiatives to the benefit of our supporters and the community.” – Malcolm Grant, Ks director

“We are delighted to have secured this agreement with Kingstonian FC, they have excellent facilities and great potential, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership.” – CK

Get Tramadol Prescription Online “Both Wimbledon and Kingstonian are keen to expand on this new agreement and will be looking forward to forming a long-term partnership for the future. Wimbledon FC already has a great relationship with the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames through its Football In The Community scheme and it is hoped to build on this in conjunction with Kingstonian in the future.” – more from the press release

So, reading between the lines (as everyone seems to do with ANYTHING even remotely associated at WFC at the moment), could more substancial things be happening with Royal Borough of Kingston? In addition to this, CK has reportedly said privately that if Merton goes tits up with regards to PGPF, he’ll ask RBK if there’s anywhere suitable for WFC there. This could have more significance than you think – WFC have constantly done well with RBK over FITC, winning awards, getting nice writeups in the programme, forging links with RBK schools etc, but perhaps most importantly of all, RBK seem to appreciate us and everything we do. LBM don’t even have much time for our community stuff, so looks like we’re finding out who our real friends are here. And they aren’t at Crown House, Morden SM4 either.

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Dare we think the unthinkable? There’s scope there for sure, and having a neighbouring (and less down-at-heel than Merton which rubs it in) borough right next door to Merton welcoming us with open arms could be the ultimate two fingered salute to Judge Dread and his cahoots. Maybe this is the shot in the arm we need after this past week….

Speaking of Merton, note how they’re bending over backwards for the AELTC? Yeah, that’s a sickener isn’t it. Still, during the tennis fortnight, at least I can now claim to the entire world that whenever you hear a plane flying over Southfields SW19, I can just press “mute” on my TV and hear the exact aircraft over SW19 Towers. God I hate Merton
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