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New month, new update, and we’ve managed to sign somebody. Jermaine Darlington, much raved about QPR defender …. er…… midfielder, costing us a rather obscene £200k. Even more obscene when you consider that this time last year JD would have cost us £1m. Should have taken the dough eh, Mr Wright? Their loss. Anyway, don’t expect this to be the last WFC signing – you’ve heard everyone we’ve been linked with. The Matt Carbon story seems a popular one, being reported on a couple of reliable places and TwatTalk as well, though whether anything will happen with that I don’t know. Don’t get your hopes up too high on that one.

Other than that, it’s pretty quite on the WFC front. The players are back in training, reckons that Adam Nowland is one of the fittest people at the club, Euell may be off to Charlton for £4.5m soon (sounds low but remember the transfer system is fucked), we still can’t get rid of Neil Ardley and Michael Hughes says he wants to stay with us. Hmm, even after his alleged bust-up at the Naarwich game which allegedly entailed him storming out? He won’t be a WFC player this time next year.

Could Palace be going bust again? Today’s Daily Mail reckon that the club are just as close to administration as ever – this despite Jordan’s purchasing of crappy Alba jumbotrons and new sign on the CPFC club shop. Image is everything I suppose. They’ve denied it of course, but if the Mail is correct that could seriously fuck them up. And I doubt if they will count on the financial generosity of a few Dons fans this time around………

Oh, and the newly relaid SP pitch has reportedly gone a nice shade of brown. It doesn’t rain but ….

The statutory site updates now : the EOSP is still going, despite my inbox looking slightier empty in comparison to last year (guess I timed it a bit crap this time). The much-hyped new design is going good, I’ve finally decided on how I’m going to do it, all I need to do now is to collate it all – I may time it so that the EOSP results come out as part of the redesign. Should be fun. I do however need the following from anyone in the know : 1) a place that will give me just one or two free web pages with no banners, popup ads or fees whatsoever. I’ve had some people tell me about these places which give me 10mb free (with bloody banners to boot), but I don’t want as much as that for what I’m planning. 2) A new place to store the SW19 url (the thing for the uninitiated) for as little cost as possible. If you ever wonder why when you try to enter this site it always breaks down, it’s because the mob who supply the thing are basically crap. Also, if anyone can tell me how to change the DNS info on it (is that what it’s called when you swap one provider to another?) I’d be most grateful. All info gratefully received, after all, it will keep SW19 going for a while yet…