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Euell be sorry you left

Happy Independence Day. For everyone else, business as usual…

The inevitable has happened I suppose – Jason Euell will now be plying his trade for Charlton. Straight deal, £4.75m which doesn’t sound a lot (certainly not considering other transfers) but in truth it’s not a bad deal for us. Consider the following : the transfer market is going to go belly-up soon, Charlton are doing what we did re: JH (ie going for it big time) and there was a sense that Mr 110% wasn’t exactly playing 110% for WFC towards the back end of last season. What is important now is that we reinvest wisely, one way or another. I don’t expect us to splash out the whole £4.75m in one go, in fact I don’t expect us to spend even half of that. However, I want WFC to have somebody there who can if nothing else at least show the ropes to our promising-yet-still-haven’t-made-it youngsters. Somebody like a Mick Harford when he played for us, IYSWIM. Wonder if Billy Dodds is available? And more to the point, have Rangers forgiven us for Marcus Gayle yet?

Whilst we’re on the subject of players going, I’m going to politely suggest something : can people just stop trying to be quite so anal when reading WFC press releases? Just because CK bigged up the youngsters doesn’t mean to say that we’re not going to sign anyone else, we HAVE tried to sign Chris Armstrong so the intent was there. I’m surprised somebody hasn’t decided to take the comments and twist it so that it’s a dead cert that MK is a goer (all from a well placed source of course). Not yet anyway. Caution is commendable, sheer paranoia is not.

One player who won’t be joining us is the Notts County CB, Ian Richardson. £300k but he failed a medical, which makes a change from all the players we sign but suddenly become cripples. Hmm, have we started to employ BMA registered quacks? Indeed, have we started to employ medical staff who have even been within 50 miles of a medical school? Whatever, he ain’t coming.

BRG was on some programme last night about chairmen of London teams, but he came out with some interesting stuff about WFC – he very highly rates TB, reckons that WHEN (his words) WFC get promotion he’ll start bankrolling WFC again. Hopefully with a bit more success this time. Also said that the stadium will more or less be in the SW London/Surrey corridor. So, what’s the significance in all this? Well, whilst many people seem to stick voodoo dolls in CK every night, BRG still holds most of the power at WFC. CK is basically WFC’s business manager, a vital role in itself and one which seems to work pretty well. But it’s worth remembering where the buck ultimately stops at WFC – lest we forget that Hammam found out the v–e–r–y hard way….