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DC comics

Well, we’ve already replace Jason Euell with a free transfer. Some bloke called David Connolly from some two bit outfit called Feyenoord who plays for some backwater international team called Eire who are doing well in a piddly little World Cup group with such minnows as the Netherlands and Portugal. OK, enough sarcasm – this is a MAJOR boost for us, and shows the intent was there to sign a decent replacement for Mr 110%. And we save our £4.75m as well. Sweet.

Of course, being WFC, things aren’t straightforward : although the OS and the ESS have reported it as official, and the OS even has an exclusive interview up with DC already, trouble is rising in the low country. Basically, DC had verbally agreed to join AZ Alkmaar of the Dutch top flight, but we officially got his signature. Having read through some Dutch papers tonight, I can ascertain the following : Dutch is a stupid language 🙂

Admittedly, the only Dutch phrases I know come from pornos, and whilst I wouldn’t know that DC has come to fix the plumbing, thinks it’s awfully hot in here and suggesting a 3 way strap-fest with two Surinese sisters, what I do know is that we’ve offered DC more dough. This will undoubtedly not hold him in good stead with the Dutch – expect some sort of “fine” for us to pay for this poaching. Though as any lawyer will tell you, a verbal contract is worth MUCH less than anything written down.

And because I didn’t update last night, we’ve got a new Director of Comms – Graeme Thorley. About fucking time too – bye bye Reg???